Internship Credit FAQ

Lubin offers several internship courses which give students the opportunity to receive academic credit for a business-related internship. The purpose of the internship course is to enable students to gain relevant work experience through an internship in their field of study. The quality of the internship will be judged by whether the duties, activities and skills/knowledge required for the internship closely approach those of a practicing business professional. Students will be required to do outside work, attend meetings with a professor and write an analytical paper in order to pass the course and receive credit for the internship.

  • You receive credit by applying for and enrolling into an internship course. The course requires completion of assignments such as meeting with your assigned Faculty Advisor, weekly logs and a final paper.

  • In order to enroll into one of Lubin's internship courses, you must log on to the Lubin Pace Path Internship Portal, complete an internship application and provide a job description. Students should complete an application after receiving an official offer from the company. Once submitted, your application will be forwarded for evaluation and if approved, you will be enrolled by a Lubin Advisor into the applicable internship course. Students should enroll into an alternate course while their internship application is pending, since there is no guarantee that their request for academic credit will be approved.

  • Most students receive between 0-3 credits for an internship. BUS 294 is a 0-1 credit internship course. We also offer 3-credit internship courses in each Business discipline. Students can apply a maximum of 6 internship credits toward their degree.

  • You must be officially declared as a Lubin major or minor in order to be eligible for a Lubin internship course. BUS 294 - 0-1 credit internship, requires completion of 30 credits, a passing grade in BUS 150 and a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Our 3-credit internships (MGT 394A, MAR 394, TAX 394, LAW 394, and FIN 394) require junior standing, completion of the first course in that subject area, and a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

  • Students should apply no later than the Add/Drop period—first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters. Students applying for summer internship credit must apply before the start of the selected term and the internship must coincide with the term they are requesting internship credit. Students are encouraged to apply early since the process of evaluation and enrollment often takes about one week.

  • BUS 294 credit-bearing internships can only be applied as Free Electives. If a 3-credit internship course is taken in the same subject as your major, it can likely be counted as an elective within your major.

  • During the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters), students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of 18 credits. If a student does not exceed 18 credits with the addition of an internship course, no additional tuition charges will be incurred. However, if adding an internship course brings a student's total credits above the 18 credit maximum, the student is required to pay for the additional credit(s)/tuition. If a student wishes to adjust his/her schedule to avoid exceeding the maximum credit load, please consult with a Lubin Adviser.

    During the summer, and similar to all summer courses, students are charged the per-credit tuition rate for the internship course. Information regarding summer tuition rates can be found here: Undergraduate Tuition.

  • Students can only receive credit for one internship position per semester. Additionally, students must be enrolled in an internship course in the same semester in which he/she is interning. Students cannot receive credit for internships they have already completed.

  • The internship course is not pass/fail. Students will receive a letter grade which will be calculated into their cumulative GPA.

  • In order to receive a credit letter, students must complete an online internship application and upload their official job description. After submitting an application, students should contact the Lubin Office of Undergraduate Advisement. Credit letter requests are usually processed within 2-3 business days.