Pace student standing on the street in Lower Manhattan near One Pace Plaza

Internships and Pace Path

Lubin is all about experiential learning, and our students achieve that through an array of exciting internships.

Internships offer the students an opportunity to experience real world challenges and to apply the knowledge learned in the classrooms. Lubin encourages students to take internships either to receive academic credit or to simply gain hands-on experience. Networking, getting involved in student clubs and organizations, and obtaining referrals from Faculty members are some of the resources we recommend students to find internship opportunities. Pace University’s Career Services also provides great resources that help students find internships through our job search platform Handshake.

Lubin students are offered an opportunity to receive academic credit for a Business related internship. The purpose of the internship course is to connect them to their respective faculty member in their field of study to gain experience. The quality of the internship will be judged by whether the duties, activities, and skills/knowledge required for the internship closely approach those of a practicing business professional. Students will be required to do outside work, attend meetings with a professor, and write an analytical paper in order to pass the course and receive credit for the internship.