Tailored Intensified Training Sessions

The Center's "Intensified Training Sessions" offerings provide an effective and efficient vehicle for a company to train and retain their in-house talent. These offerings can fill a unique niche in a company's overall training program given their distinctive "academic plus real-world experiences" nature. The offerings are tailored to meet each organization's unique professional development objectives for topical content and duration. Additionally, sessions can be provided in-person or online.

Salient features include:


  • The content is tailored to the company's business lines to ensure relevancy.
  • The sessions include discussion of the key technical aspects of regulations, "real world" implications, analysis of recent regulatory enforcement actions for "lessons learned," identification of "red flags," etc. PowerPoint slides accompany each session.


  • The sessions can be held "in-person" at the offices of the company, enabling easy access and a familiar setting for the participants. Sessions can also be conducted at Pace University's Midtown Center or Downtown campus, or online.
  • The duration of each session is determined by the company (e.g., two hours, four hours, full day, etc.) Further, sessions are offered on dates mutually agreed upon by the company and Pace.
  • The sessions are led by Pace professors or other mutually agreed upon instructors. If so desired by the company, Pace University "certificates of completion" can be awarded upon completion of the training, and examinations can also be provided to document participants' understanding of the topic.

Sample Recent Engagements

  • "Annual Regulatory AML Training" sessions
  • Training sessions required as part of an Enforcement Action levied by a regulator
  • Quarterly "Executive Briefing" regulatory compliance updates for senior managers
  • Training sessions on U.S. regulations for a company's non-U.S. based global colleagues
  • Cybersecurity training sessions tailored to regulatory compliance professionals
  • Training session on operational risk for an international bank's entire staff


Costs vary based on the topic and duration of the training. A proposal can be provided upon request.

For more information, please contact Professor Bob Chersi at rchersi@pace.edu.