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  • The Pace Entrepreneurship Studio (PES) is an innovation center at the heart of Pace University. PES' mission is to establish and foster student and alumni innovation and expose and develop new entrepreneurial opportunities. We provide abridged access to venture capital through special and professional sessions with the PES team and leaders from the New York City ecosystem.

    At the center of PES, you'll find the "Studio Program," which will help you start a very practical and professional process to make your dreams come true. PES assists and supports young entrepreneurs in establishing new game-changing startups within a professional sphere of academic knowledge.

    The process is based on several factors: finalizing your offering and the value proposition, talent, minimum viable product, market access, and funding. These strategic factors are intended to lead companies to their first round of financing.

    To learn more, apply to tell us about your team and your idea. (If you already launched your company—awesome! Tell us in detail about its current status.)

    Relevant teams will be invited for an initial conversation with the PES team to discuss in-depth what you have already achieved.

    If the Studio team finds your company suitable, a special, tailor-made process will be developed to accelerate your startup.

  • PES offers a very practical and hands-on approach to each team to establish companies with clear vision, value proposition, market validation, and fundraising.

  • Yes, all Pace alumni are invited to participate in PES' ongoing activities.

  • Since the program is uniquely designed for each specific team and stage, the process varies based on the team's availability and working progress. However, we ask applicants to prepare for a four to six month process.

  • Complete the application form and the PES team will contact you to schedule next steps. The application process will take approximately one month.

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