The cost of the program is as follows

Course One - Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions

$2,570* ($2,500 tuition plus $70 registration fee)

Course Two - Regulatory Affairs within International Financial Institutions


Course Three - Developing and Managing a Financial Institutions Compliance Program

$2,900 ($2,500 tuition plus $400 exam fee**)

Refund Policy

Registrants who cancel will receive a full refund if both verbal and email notification are given to Mr. Brian Pew at or (212) 618-6444, on or before ten days prior to the class start date. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED AFTER THAT DATE. The $70 registration fee is non-refundable. Pace University reserves the right to substitute instructors, change the day or time a class meets, or cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen events. If a class is canceled, a full refund of tuition and registration fee will be issued.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact Mr. Brian Pew at or (212) 618-6444.

* Students enrolled in the program may be eligible to apply for private student loans (non-affiliated with Pace University). For further information, please contact Mr. Brian Pew at or (212) 618-6444.

** Students are required to take all three courses in sequence to be eligible to take the program certification exam.