Lubin graduate students walking in Lower Manhattan near the New York City Campus

Janetschek Professional Growth Scholarship

Scholarships for Professional Development

The Janetschek Professional Growth Fund provides financial support to qualified Lubin undergraduate and graduate students seeking business-related development beyond their academic programs. This may include skills training, credential preparation, certifications, and related co-curricular education and activities which develop professional competencies complementing their program of study. The stewards of this fund are highly committed to ensuring award diversity among the types of requests funded.

Recent Janetschek Recipients

  • American Marketing Association Conference, New Orleans, LA
  • Sports Marketing Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Il
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, Detroit, MI
  • University of Buffalo Management Case Competition, Buffalo, NY
  • DMA National Marketing Association Conference, (paper presentation) Los Angeles, CA
  • Digital Media Team Competition, Philadelphia, PA
  • Odyssey of the Mind Competition, New York, NY
  • Academy of Business Research Conference (paper presentation), New Orleans, LA
  • Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education Forum, New York NY
  • Advanced Data Analytics Specialist Certificate, EMC, New York, NY
  • Beta Alpha Psi Atlantic Coast Regional Conference Competition, Philadelphia, PA
  • Management Leadership Career Preparation Program, NYC
  • Exam & Preparation Materials for CPA, CFA, FRM, and SHRM certifications.


Undergraduate Students

  • Minimum 3.3 Cumulative GPA inclusive of prior undergraduate study
  • Minimum 30 earned credits at Pace University
  • Minimum enrollment of 15 credits

Graduate Students

  • Minimum 3.3 Cumulative GPA
  • Minimum 9 earned credits at Pace University
  • Minimum enrollment of 9 credits

Application Requirements

  • Current resume: Inclusive of Pace University information (major/date of graduation/etc.)
  • Documentation: Attachments and/or website links of the opportunity.
  • Amount: Specific amount of requested funds.
  • Essay: These funds are designated for students who possess the drive and talent to enhance their academic accomplishments with co-curricular opportunities and professional development. In a 500 word essay, please describe what makes you an ideal candidate for this scholarship and explain how pursuing this specific opportunity will complement your program of study and intended career path.

Application Process

Applications will be reviewed by the Janetschek Professional Growth Scholarship committee. An interview may be required of select candidates. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this process. If approved, students will pay for their intended program upfront and will receive the funds as a reimbursement. Please send all required application documents to