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Dataiku Hackathon

Lubin School and Dataiku Weekend Hackathon

2022 Winning Teams

1st Place

  • Dmitrii Bakhitov
  • Mohamed Hannioui
  • Nishank Singhalv Dimitri Bouvier

2nd Place

  • Apar Panchal
  • Dhiraj Karkera
  • Akshata Dave

3rd Place

  • Kelsey Woods
  • Aayushi Verma
  • Manas Vani
  • Chandni Thumar

Honorable Mentions

  • Sandeep Unnikrishnan
  • Omkar Shitole
  • Shivani Chavan
  • Tom Alex
  • Emi Matsumae
  • Joseph Paradiso
  • Kylie LoPiccolo
  • Vanessa Sanche

About the Competition

November 11-13, 2022

Ever wonder why people love chocolate? Join us for a Weekend Hackathon brought to you by Lubin School of Business and Dataiku.

The Problem

Use a dataset of over 2,000 chocolates described based on the origin of the bean, ingredients, and memorable characteristics to find out what people love about chocolate. Specifically, (a) Describe the characteristics of chocolate that make it likable (or delicious), and (b) Accurately predict the rating of chocolate based on its characteristics.

The Hackathon presents you with an opportunity to showcase your skills in wrangling and analyzing data, as well as storytelling with data. You may use any software to analyze (e.g., Excel, SAS, SPSS, R, Python) and visualize data (e.g., Tableau). In addition, Dataiku will offer support by providing access to their Data Science platform, and training materials.

How to Join

The Hackathon is open to any current Pace University student. Form a team of three or four students and register your team here by Monday, October 31.

We recommend forming your group with members from diverse educational backgrounds, skills, and experiences, as these groups tend to perform better. Teams with knowledge of analytical techniques (e.g., regression), presentation software (e.g., Tableau), data analysis software, and presentation skills are likely to do well.


Details of the problem along with the data will be shared on Friday, November 11. You will have the weekend of November 11-13 to work on the problem. Your submission is due by the end of the weekend, November 13. Final presentation will be on Tuesday, November 15.


Contact Professor Vishal Lala, Marketing Department, vlala@pace.edu.