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International Field Study Courses and Trips

Classrooms Without Borders

Professionals entering today's global economy require a well-rounded business education that fuses contemporary disciplines with international applications and hands-on experience. As a result, Pace University's Lubin School of Business is committed to providing global learning opportunities for all graduate and undergraduate students.

In addition to a full slate of long-term study abroad programs, Lubin provides unique opportunities for students to gain short-term international academic experience through fully credited BBA and MBA courses. International Field Study Courses are organized by the Lubin Center for Global Business Programs in cooperation with the Departments of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Legal Studies and Taxation, Management, and Marketing. Students attend classes, interact with professors, tour company facilities, meet with governmental leaders and participate in roundtable workshops conducted by globally recognized academics—all in an informal educational setting.

Most International Field Study Courses are scheduled during spring break, winter break, or during summer months. Courses include pre-trip classroom instruction, followed by 10-14 days of on-site workshops led by full-time Lubin faculty. Students earn full academic credit for all International Field Study Courses.

Fall 2024 Field Studies

International Finance Field Study To South Africa

Dates Abroad: January 7-16, 2025
This course is an international field study course, which incorporates a trip to Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. It will introduce students to the economies of South Africa and other countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, with a focus on business opportunities and challenges, development and digitalization. The trip will emphasize the lessons other African nations could learn from South Africa, in order to achieve financial development and boost their economic growths. While in South Africa, students will attend seminars given by corporations, financial institutions, government officials, and other financial executives. There will be on-campus lectures discussing the relevant theories and principles prior to our departure on the trip.

Download the South Africa course flyer (PDF)

International Marketing Field Study to Singapore/Malaysia

Dates Abroad: January 2025
The International Marketing Field Study course provides students with an introduction to two leading southeast Asian economies. Singapore and Malaysia with a focus on marketing, keeping in mind the infrastructure and development. This course offers students the unique opportunity to study the cultural values and norms of two countries, and participate in various cultural events and activities. Upon arrival in the country, students will meet with educators, leading business professionals and embassy officials to discuss cutting edge business practices. In the fall term, students will present case studies, meet with embassy officials in NY, debate contemporary business topics and prepare reports pertaining to company visits. Upon the return, students will submit research reports pertaining to company visits.

Download the Singapore/Malaysia course flyer (PDF)

International Marketing Field Study to Brussels/London

Dates Abroad: January 2025
The International Marketing Field Trip to Brussels and London will study the effects of European integration and culture on marketing activities in Europe, the marketing activities of US firms in the EU, and the future of the European Union, including the withdrawal of the UK (Brexit). Students will meet with business executives, educators, and government officials to discuss international marketing and business practices. Students will study cultural values and norms in Belgium and England and participate in various cultural activities. In addition to classroom presentations by representatives of international organizations and companies, students will be provided with readings, case studies, and other instructional material via Classes.

Download the Brussels/London course flyer (PDF)