Classrooms Without Borders

Lubin students who participate in international field studies describe the experience as "invaluable," "memorable," "unforgettable," and "mind-opening."

Student Experiences

The International Marketing Field Study (MAR 356) traveled to Brussels and London in January 2016. This course introduced undergraduate students to marketing activities in Europe and and marketing activities of US firms in the EU.

For the International Management Field Study (MGT 347) to Brazil in 2016, an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate Pace students travelled Rio De Janeiro and Paraty to learn about arts and entertainment management in Brazil, and to update the Paraty Green Map with sustainability as their focus.

The International Marketing Field Study (MAR 356 / MAR 680H) traveled to Copenhagen and Stockholm in 2017. Undergraduate and graduate students learned about sustainability initiatives, cultural values and norms, and best business practices in Scandinavia.

The International Finance Field Study (FIN 360 / FIN 680V) traveled to Kerala and Mumbai, India in 2016. Undergraduate and graduate students learned about the practice of microfinance in India, with site visits to various initiatives such as the Kudumbashree Poverty Reduction Project.

This International Marketing Field Study (MAR 356R / MAR 680R) traveled to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan in 2016. Undergraduate and graduate students were introduced differences between Japanese and US marketing, and about Japan's emerging markets, global competition, and economic downturns.

Lubin students broadened their horizons and learned about global business during their semesters abroad. They describe their experiences studying and living in Japan, Italy, Ireland, France, and Spain.

The Lubin School provides global learning opportunities for all our students. Students have travelled to Argentina, Chile, China, Finland, Russia, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Tanzania, and Vietnam in past years.