Young man standing in front of a row of world flags in New York City

Semester Abroad Experiences

Japan, Italy, Ireland, France, and Spain

Spring 2016

The Lubin School of Business, through a grant received from the Figueroa Family Fund, awards scholarships for Study Abroad opportunities. These scholarships are available to Lubin School of Business students who enroll in a semester-long study abroad experience. Those who are offered an award can expect to receive $3,000 per student for Study Abroad.

Japan - Imani Brown '17

Semester abroad in Japan photo by Lubin student Imani Brown '17

Imani Brown, an undergraduate International Management major, was awarded $3,000 for semester study abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan in Spring 2016.

Going to Japan has been a dream of mine for years. We consume pop culture and create these biased images of what we believe the country and people will be like. That is why for me, to go to Japan, to go to Tokyo, and to see the people, the country, the culture for myself is an unimaginable and extremely amazing experience. I was able to live in Japan for four months and was able to study, meet people, and learn, and for me this is an opportunity I am very grateful to have had. The people I met there were some of the nicest people, and I was extremely surprised to meet people from all over the world. I met people from more countries around the world while I was in Japan, than I have while living in New York, in the United States. Being that I was in Japan to study, I was not able to do as much touring around as I would have liked, however this has only further encouraged me to go back. Not only to see my new friends once more, but in order to be able to see more of Japan and more of their history and culture.

While I was in Japan, I was also able to learn more about Japanese business that I feel I could here in New York. Going to Japan, to witnessing not only their daily lives, but cooperation as well, is something I as a business major will never take for granted. Visiting the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and having a small Japanese company come to one of my classes taught me a lot about how strong a role culture plays into the Japanese business, from the small stores you find in the country side, to the large and booming Conglomerates that have existed for over 100 years, and that is a major difference for how companies work in America. While there and experiencing the culture which is so different from mine, with strong traditions and personalities even, I was able to think in ways different from how I do here in America, and gain a new perspective on things that I hadn't even considered before. The trip allowed for me to become more set in my own goals for the future and grow as an individual and global citizen.

Italy - John Powell '16

John Powell, undergraduate Arts and Entertainment Management major, awarded $3,000 for semester study abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy in Spring 2016

My time spent abroad in Florence, Italy for almost four months was truly an experience that I never thought possible and ended up becoming possible due to the Figueroa family. It is also one that has truly educated me in and out of the classroom and has changed me as a person drastically for the better. I couldn't get over for a while how I was actually in a different country, one I had heard so much about from family stories of my great-grandmother's life there before moving to the States. I saw the Statue of David by Michelangelo in the Galleria d'Academia within the first two weeks, and I remember so vividly how blown away I was. Such an icon and masterpiece was standing not ten feet from me and all the magnificent things ever said about it were suddenly all proven true and I understood it. I felt the same way when I saw the Birth of Venus in the Uffizi museum and the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Throughout the semester I also visited Budapest, Hungary; Vienna and Salzburg, Austria; Barcelona, Spain; Corfu, Greece; and Amsterdam, Holland.

When not in a different country or trying to eat as much pasta, paninis and gelato I possibly could, I did end up learning a lot in my classrooms, definitely more than I expected to. In my international management class I learnt culturally appropriate mannerisms and requirements in a business setting when conducting business with a foreign country that has a different culture than your own. This intrigued me the most because a career goal and passion of mine is to work with Broadway shows on international tours. It wasn't until that class in Italy that I was forced to look outside my own culture and realize that business in different cultures do some things differently and how crucial it is to keeping professional relationships overseas or across borders strong and healthy. Overall, my time abroad was in a few words: unique, long, short, mind opening, and life changing.

Ireland - Wendy Smith '16

Wendy Smith, undergraduate Management and Finance major, awarded $3,000 for semester study abroad at University College - Cork in Cork, Ireland in Spring 2016

My study abroad experience has changed my life in so many ways. Being able to learn about and experience an entirely different country by living and studying there has been amazing. This was especially significant for me because of my family ancestry I have from Ireland. I was able to learn about the country where most of my roots are from and its history, in depth, from amazing people. Not only was it an unbelievable experience, but I have made relationships with people from around the world that I would have never been able to if I had not studied abroad. I also got to travel throughout Europe and see so many amazing places. I learned about so many cultures and history of countries I would have never thought of seeing.

Learning about how different business is in other countries, through my courses I took, was a good insight on how international business works from outside the US, and how much the rest of the world's business is influenced by the US. In every single one of my business classes I took, at one point in every class they would relate to the US, and sitting in those classes as an American was very interesting. Studying business in another country has made me want to continue with my graduate school abroad and maybe eventually live abroad. I think back on my experience and I see it as one of the best opportunities I could have ever had and I wish I could go back. Thank you so much for helping me out financially for this amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

France - Sherman Julmis '16

Semester abroad in France photo by Lubin student Sherman Julmis '16

Sherman Julmis, undergraduate Finance major, awarded $3,000 for semester study abroad at Paris School of Business in Paris, France in Spring 2016

Before this study abroad experience I had never left this side of the world. I can now say I have traveled to 7 different countries (Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungry, and France) while in Europe and made a great deal of friendships that I believe will be long lasting. I was able to see monuments, pieces of arts, a Barcelona and PSG game and experience cultures, that before the study abroad, I only read about on the Internet.

While abroad I was able to apply for internships and programs back in the US. I truly believe that my experience in Europe allowed me to see the world differently. I was accepted into Harvard Business School's Summer Venture in Management Program this summer and I know my improved perception was a key driver to why I was able to get into the summer program. Although I studied abroad during the spring 2016 semester I am positive that my experience will follow me for a lifetime. I would like to the Figueroa family for being so generous for establishing this program, not only for me but also for students in the coming years who will be able to embark on a life changing experience.

Spain - Madeleine Kotz '16

Semester abroad in Japan photo by Lubin student Madeleine Kotz '16

Madeleine Kotz, undergraduate Advertising and Marketing major, awarded $3,000 for semester study abroad at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain in Spring 2016

Studying abroad has been the most enriching experience in my life thus far. I feel like my world is 10x bigger than when I left. Not only did I meet the most amazing people, see the most breathtaking sites, experience unimaginable things and eat the most delectable food, I learned so much more about myself than I ever could have hoped. I ultimately chose to study abroad to learn about different cultures, but never realized how much other cultures could teach me about myself. Every day I was forced to step outside my comfort zone into a totally unknown but phenomenal world. Barcelona was the best place I could ever call home and really hope to return in the future. If there is one thing that I would say everybody needs to experience during their college years, it would be studying abroad. I made lifelong friends that I will forever be in contact with and learned countless life lessons that I will hold with me forever. No words will ever do it justice; everyone needs to experience it for themselves.

Semester abroad in Japan photo by Lubin student Madeleine Kotz '16