Graduation Awards for Lubin Graduate Students

Graduation Awards for Lubin Graduate Students

Award Opportunities for Graduating Students

For graduating students only

If you have filed for graduation for January 2016, May 2016 or August 2016 with the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) and have a 3.75 QPA or higher, you may be eligible for one of the following recognitions.

Outstanding Student Award
The Outstanding Student Award is given by the faculty to the graduating student who has most significantly contributed to advancing the mission of the Lubin School of Business while maintaining an excellent academic profile. Award recipients exemplify scholastic achievement and are selected for their dedication towards academic and professional development in their chosen field. The Outstanding Student Award acknowledges a high-achieving student who demonstrates a strong aptitude for success in their designated professional career.

Lubin Graduate Leadership Award
The Lubin Graduate Leadership Award honors a graduating student who has served the Lubin Graduate community with distinction. Our purpose is to recognize the breadth and scope of an individual's engagement and leadership at Pace. Students selected for the Lubin Graduate Leadership Award have exhibited dedicated commitment to co-curricular activities that have enhanced the student life experience for their peers.

To be considered for any or all of the AWARDS listed above, submit the following by Wednesday, March 16, 2016 (any materials received after this date will NOT be accepted):

ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN ELECTRONIC FORM ONLY (preferably Microsoft Word documents or PDF)

  • A self-nominating letter (please state which awards you are applying for and your home campus)
  • A current resume
  • Two letters of recommendation from current faculty members (please remind the faculty that the deadline for submission is 3/16/2016)

Presentation of the awards will be made at the Lubin Awards Ceremony: May 17th (NYC) and May 12th (PL).


Graduate Academic Standards Committee
c/o Brooke Hasan, Director, OGAASD