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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many reasons why studying at the English Language Institute at Pace University is a good decision.

    1. Pace is ranked #1 the best private university in the United States of America for upward economic mobility of students! Students at Pace are able to attain their language, academic or professional goals.

      If you are planning to study at Pace, there is a TOEFL waiver entry into Pace when you complete our highest level, so it is easier to gain access to this high-quality education.
    2. Quality. Our instructors all have Master’s degrees in teaching and specific experience for our specialized course. Quality teachers, and small class sizes that allow for more individualized feedback and personal attention, help you to learn more quickly in the areas that you need help in the most.
    3. Learn transferable skills. In addition to language skills, you will gain useful academic and professional skills such as academic research and writing; public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork. No matter what your goals, be it interviewing for an internship, applying for a job or degree program, studying at university, getting a promotion or better job, or traveling around the United States, you will have the skills and confidence needed to be successful.
    4. Choices. With a variety of programs; numerous electives options; flexibility to study at different levels; and frequent enrollment times, you can study what you want, when you want.
      • Love film? We have a class.
      • Want to learn more idioms? Take the Idioms class.
      • Need TOEFL preparation? We have a course for you.
      • Want to improve your pronunciation? We can help.
      With over 11 thematic elective options and a variety of specialty programs, your classes will be focused on the things you like or need. When you are engaged and satisfied, you are more likely to improve more quickly.

      With 6-levels of English in NYC and courses that are designed around skills, you have the flexibility to study at different levels based on your proficiency. This is a unique benefit for our students who are intermediate writers and advanced speakers, for example. The instruction you get is tailored exactly to your personal language levels and is at exactly the right level for you. This gives you the chance to improve more quickly in the areas you need to without wasting time on classes that are too easy in other areas.

      3-, 6-, or 7-week sessions with a two-week add period means frequent start times throughout the year. With more enrollment times than many other universities, you will waste less time waiting for a start time and can come to New York and start living your dream as soon as you are ready!
    5. Support. You are welcome here. The English Language Institute provides admissions, immigration and academic support throughout each student’s stay. We help you during the admissions process to give you all the information and support you need, through emails, Skype meetings, and counseling sessions; provide you with a detailed post-Arrival orientation, and our academic advisors and instructors closely monitor your progress when you are here and provide additional support as needed. At the ELI, you will have all the support and help you need to adapt to life in the US and to achieve academic success.
    6. Two great locations. Have the full New York City experience at Pace's downtown/ midtown Manhattan campus or a traditional university experience at our Westchester campus.
    7. Live your New York dream. Weekly ELI student activities and a full monthly activities calendar are designed to have you explore and interact with New Yorkers and your fellow students. Discover the neighborhoods and people of the 5 boroughs, engage in conversations with New Yorkers, and create memories of your home away from home.

      Meet Americans, help people and make a difference and see a different side of New York through our volunteering program. Or speak with a Conversation Partner from Pace. Have an authentic experience and real opportunity to use and improve your English.
    8. Diversity of students. With students from over 40 countries, you will discover new cultures, hear new accents and speak English all the time.
    9. Experience university life. Experience a city campus or a traditional campus. Enjoy the full range of university facilities and services including access to the library and computer centers, gym, cafeteria, activities and much more.
  • The English Language Institute at Pace is arguably one of the best English language schools in New York for you to choose because there are so many programs to choose from, and you will get the support you need from the moment you first contact us. We provide admissions, immigration, and academic support all throughout your stay and to help you choose the best program for you, so you are given the support and help they need to adapt to life in the US and to achieve academic success. Whether you are coming to New York to live your dream and improve your English, planning to study at an American university, or improve your career prospects, we have a course for you.

  • Studying English at an American university is a great way to get high-quality English lessons combined with a unique college campus experience. The English Language Institute has two different types of campuses to choose from. Choosing the right campus for you is important.

    • A city campus. Located in downtown Manhattan, and with some classes held in Pace’s Midtown Center, you will have immediate access to all that New York City has to offer. Experience the university life at one of the world’s best city college campus locations. Ideal for those who want to experience NYC to the fullest.
    • A traditional American university campus. Located in White Plains, 40 minutes north of NYC’s Grand Central Terminal, this quiet campus gives you easy access to New York City, with close access to the university environment and facilities of Pace's Pleasantville campus. Ideal for those who want a quieter, more intimate college experience.
  • Students come from all over the world to study American English in New York at the English Language Institute. With students from more than 40 countries and small class sizes, you will meet and make friends with classmates from all around the world. This exposure to people from so many cultures and geographical locations provides a unique learning environment. Not only does this help shape a unique worldview during your academic study, it helps improve your listening skills by hearing different accents and improve your speaking skills because you’ll have to use English to communicate daily. Feel part of the diverse, multicultural community here at Pace while learning English in the United States.

  • The English Language Institute has more enrollment times than many other university-based English language schools in New York. Frequent start dates throughout the year, mean that you can come to New York and feel the excitement of living your dream as soon as you are ready!

  • Choosing the right visa is important, and there are several options available depending on your intention to come to the United States. We provide you with detailed information on your options and give you advice on how to pass your visa interview. For individual advice, please contact us.

  • Applying to study at the English Language Institute is easy. Find out how to apply. We have programs in general English, academic English, test preparation courses, and special programs for au pairs and business professionals.

  • There are many opportunities to meet Americans and make friends while studying English in New York. In New York City, there are weekly ELI student activities to see interesting places, do fun activities and meet other ELI students. There are also many Pace University student activities throughout the year to join and meet American Pace students, as well as access to university facilities. Students in Westchester can join student activities and experience the full university environment in nearby Pleasantville.

    In addition to activities, there are opportunities to volunteer. Give to the New York community and meet people at the same time. And you can join our Conversation Partner Program to meet Americans, practice your English in an authentic way and share your culture with others.

  • Yes. If you complete the highest level of the English Language Institute’s pre-undergraduate or pre-graduate program, you can gain entry to Pace University without needing to take a TOEFL score. All other entrance requirements still need to be met. Not only does this take away the stress of taking a TOEFL test, it means that you can focus on developing the real academic skills needed for success at university rather than focusing on test-taking skills.

  • The subway is an easy and cheap way to get around New York City and the ELI is near all major subway line and many bus routes. We give you tips on how to use the subway system and instructions on how to reach us.

  • There are many ways to get the education credits you need for your J1 visa. We have courses especially for au pairs in New York City and White Plains, as well as special au pair pricing for our regular English courses. With a variety of schedules, interesting topics, and affordable pricing, getting your credits is easy. Check out our programs for au pairs to find the best ones for you.

  • There are a variety of housing options for you. In New York City, you can live like a New Yorker in an apartment of your own or live with a New York family in a homestay. Or experience the student life in a Pace student residence (for long-term students) or a hostel or hotel. In White Plains, Westchester, living with an American family in a homestay is a very popular option. Students may also stay in Pace Law School residence hall for long-term stays or the nearby YMCA.