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Academic Policies & Forms


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New or Revised Courses and Change of Grades

New/Revised Course Form (PDF)
All changes including minor revisions to a new or existing course must be submitted to the Office of the Provost on a New/Revised course form. Submitted New/Revised course forms must receive final approval from the Office of the Provost and the Provost Office Administrator as well as the appropriate signers (Dean or All Deans). Once the Office of the Provost has approved the course form, the Office of the Provost will contact Academic Scheduling to process the changes.

When submitting New/Revised course forms please make sure that the following items also are completed and included:

  • Most current version of the course syllabus.
  • University Disability Policy must be displayed on the syllabus.
  • Academic Integrity Policy must be displayed on the syllabus.
  • If it is a New Special Topics Course you must provide an available suffix.

When a special topics course is offered for the first time, it can be treated as a “course change”, requiring only internal School/College and Provost approval. However, once the special topics course runs for the fourth time, a “new course” form must be completed and go through the necessary approval outlined above. Please make sure a special topics course form includes the syllabus with the following elements: Academic Integrity Code, Disabilities Accommodations, grade weighting, and learning outcomes.

Course change forms only require internal school/college approvals and the Office of the Provost.

Change of Grade Form (PDF)

If more than 6 weeks have elapsed since the end of the semester, a change of grade form must be submitted to the Department Chairperson and Dean of the school/college for approval with an explanation of the change. No grade will be changed beyond six months after the conclusion of the semester in which the course was taken, except with the approval of the Chairperson, Dean and the Provost. Graduating students must have all grades submitted within 24 hours after the completion of final examinations.

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Forms and Templates related to Tenure, Promotion and Clinical

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New York State Department of Education Application Forms

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New Program Proposal Instructions & Reporting Templates

These instructions outline the expectations of new proposed degree programs to facilitate a more effective review and approval process and include templates that will assist in presenting a strong argument for establishing new programs:

For questions on the Business Case and Financial Proforma or NYSED approval process, please email or call (212) 346-1956.

Effective July 1, 2020 and in accordance with new federal and Middle States Commission on Higher Education rules, the following program changes require notification to Middle States after all reviews and approvals are complete:
1.  A change in an existing program's method of delivery,
2. An aggregate change of 25 percent or more of the clock hours, credit hours, or content of a program since the agency's most recent accreditation review,
3. The development of customized pathways or abbreviated or modified courses or programs to—
               a. Accommodate and recognize a student's existing knowledge, such as knowledge attained through employment or military service; and
               b. Close competency gaps between demonstrated prior knowledge or competency and the full requirements of a particular course or program; and
4. Entering into a written arrangement under 34 CFR § 668.5 under which an institution or organization not certified to participate in the title IV, HEA programs offers up to 25 percent of one or more of the accredited institution's educational programs.

The Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) will submit this notification to Middle States.

For questions on MSCHE, please email

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