Residence halls on the Pleasantville campus

All Gender Housing

In keeping with the mission of Pace University to promote and support inclusion, the Office of Residential Life and University Housing Operations offers All Gender Housing options to students who demonstrate an interest or need for such accommodation.


All gender housing allows students to live in an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities. Students who choose to live in an all gender assignment should consider the following guidelines when deciding on their roommate/suitemate/housemate groups.

  • In order to participate in All Gender Housing, all participating students must adhere to the housing application, deposit deadlines and complete the entire fall room selection process.
  • All roommate/suitemate/housemate pairs must be done by the due dates appropriate for each process.
  • If any student exhibits behavior that is contrary to the spirit of all gender housing, that student may be relocated to a different housing accommodation on campus.
  • If a roommate(s), suitemate(s) or housemate(s) cancels their housing or moves out of the room/suite/house for any reason, the remaining roommate(s)/suitemate(s)/housemate(s) must identify a new roommate(s) to fill the vacancy. The Office of Residential Life and Housing will define the time allocated to find a new roommate. This window of time will vary depending on the time of year and the status of the housing waitlist. If a roommate(s) is not identified to fill the vacancy within the time period, University Housing Operations reserves the right to: (1) assign any student who indicates they are interested in living in All Gender housing, (2) assign a student of the same sex or (3) relocate/consolidate the current resident(s) to a different All Gender space that meets their needs. Room types cannot be guaranteed if a student is moved.
  • If a conflict rises to the level that one or more students must move out, the residents agree to determine who will move. If the residents cannot agree who will move, the Director of University Housing Operations (or designee) reserves the right to make that decision, and may choose to move all residents. Residents the room must agree to allow the director (or designee) to make the final decision.
  • University Housing Operations has the right to consolidate All Gender spaces as needed.
  • Pace University discourages students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in a residence hall housing unit, although we do not question the student’s motives for wanting to live in an All Gender housing option. Pace University does not provide married couples or family housing for students.
  • It is the student’s choice to communicate with parents or family members about the decision to live in an All Gender Housing option. The Office of Residential Life encourages this conversation between parents or family members and students about the housing choice so that they can be in support of the student’s decision.