Residence halls on the Pleasantville campus

Bicycle Registration (Westchester Campus)

Register Your Bike

Pace University strongly recommends that all bicycles being parked, ridden, or kept on campus be registered and stored with the Offices of Residential Life and University Housing Operations in Elm Hall. Registering your bicycle will assist in protecting you against theft as well as the opportunity to be contacted if we suspect your bike has been abandoned. There is no registration fee for Students/Faculty/Staff. Individuals will receive their registration sticker to be placed on their bicycle once a completed Bicycle Registration Form has been submitted. Registration stickers may be picked up from the Office of Residential Life and University Housing in Elm Hall.

Students/Faculty/Staff are able to rent a bicycle lock from the Office of Residential Life for a deposit of $10. Students/Faculty/Staff are permitted to utilize the rental bicycle lock for one academic calendar year. If the lock is failed to be returned and/or damage, students may be charged a fee of $10.

Bicycle Rack Location

Bicycle may only be secured to a bicycle rack located in bicycle storage room - Elm Hall.

Students/Faculty/Staff will be given access to store their bicycles in a secure and in-door bicycle storage room located in Elm Hall. The Offices of Residential Life and University Housing Operations is not responsible for any damaged, stolen, and/or abandoned bicycles.

Abandoned Bicycles

Bicycles will be considered abandoned when they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Severely rusted chains
  • Flat or empty tire(s)
  • Missing essential parts (wheels, handlebars, pedals, chain)
  • “Severe” damage (extremely bent rim or frame)
  • Significant amount of dirt accumulated on bicycle