Residence halls on the Pleasantville campus

Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO)

Students who are interested in learning about the business world and chances to lead and manage industry. Students in this community will have the chance to learn about multiple areas of the business world with emphasis on establishing new enterprises. Students will have the chance to learn and discuss effective business strategies, compete in competitions and explore different avenues of career choice and planning.

Students who participate in Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) initiatives will:

  • Explore current corporate and entrepreneurial trends
  • Learn to apply business strategies when starting a new enterprise
  • Explore various career opportunities and professional fields


  • Business pitch competitions hosted amongst the community
  • Bringing in professors to discuss current events in the field
  • Discussions with business professionals about entrepreneurial techniques
  • Panels regarding campus student run businesses Pace Park, Pace Mart, and Pace Connect

Pace University Center for Student Enterprise

Student Testimonials

Harshini Rajkumar '20

As an international student here at Pace I was nervous about the challenges I was going to experience as a new student. However, being a part of the CEO FIG was an educational and fun experience that eased my transition. I got to make new friends and meet people who shared my ideals and passion. Our RA brought in various events with Lubin professors, student-run businesses on campus and community service. The best part of being in the CEO FIG was the Shark Tank event where we were concocting the best business plan to start a business on campus. Overall, the experience I gained from being a part of the FIG was something students don’t encounter in a classroom setting.

Joe Silvestro '20

My experience in the CEO FIG has been a great one so far. The events I have participated in have been educational yet fun and I have been able to carry over many of the things I have learned from these events to real life experiences. Some of the things that I have learned help me inside of my business classes and outside my academic life as well. I am constantly surrounded by people that share the same business related interests that I do and I am able to network myself with these people to make an interesting and welcoming environment in the residence halls.

Kevin Capobianco '19

Being part of the CEO FIG my freshman year provided me with an experience I couldn't get in the normal college setting. Being placed in a section with others who shared my ideals and interests in business not only helped me nurture my career path but make friends with other students. The CEO FIG was a place to foster our love of the corporate world, and network with those just as passionate as myself.

Adrianna Lawrence '19

Being a part of the CEO first year interest group was very informational and fun at the same time. I was around people who were dedicated to business and creating new things as much as I wanted to. We were sort of a big happy family with our RA being so wonderful and bringing in different type of business related events with numerous Lubin professors. The best part about it all was being a part of a business pitch contest and seeing what it takes for just a business to start.