Residence halls on the Pleasantville campus


First-Year students in the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University. Honors students will enjoy a wealth of programs through the Honors College such as lectures on various hot topics, trips to museums and service opportunities in the local community.

Students who participate in Honors initiatives will:

  • Join a supportive community of high-achieving friends and colleagues.
  • Develop ties to the Honors College through events with upperclass students, faculty and staff.
  • Build on critical thinking skills by engaging in challenging conversations with students of various backgrounds.
  • Live in a community exclusive to Honors students, if they live on campus. First-year resident students in the Honors College will be required to live on one of the Honors floors in NYC (in 182 Broadway or 15 Beekman), or in the Honors FIG in Alumni Hall on the Pleasantville campus.


  • Space and time for group study with other Honors College students
  • Co-sponsoring established events with the Honors College
  • Bringing professors into the community to speak about upcoming travel course opportunities

Student Testimonials

Connor Wills '20

Living in the Honors FIG creates opportunities to connect with fellow Honors students outside of the classroom. It allows a close-knit community to form within the Honors Community, as we form friendships and bonds with people who share similar interests, hobbies, and habits who can then encourage and push each other academically as well as socially. It also creates closer bonds with Honors professors who share their experiences and passions on topics relevant to all majors through co-sponsored FIG events. Overall, the Honors FIG community is one of encouragement and academic enrichment with a healthy dose of social life thrown in, too.

Happiness Orji '19

Being a part of the Honors FIG had such a positive impact on my freshman year experience. It gave me several opportunities to meet and connect with people who share my same goals and attitudes. It was great living in the same hall as these people because it made it easy to maintain and build friendships. I am grateful that I was able to enjoy my freshman year with such amazing individuals because without this community, my first-year experience would have been extremely different.

Mariah Palagyi '19

The Honors College has been a huge part of my experience at Pace. The Honors College became my family at Pace. Living in the FIG is such a great environment because you are surrounded by people that you have great opportunities to connect with socially as well as academically. I have met some of my best friends through being in the Honors College.