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NYC Residential Life Student Leadership Staff Positions

New York City Campus

The Office of Residential Life is committed to select and train the most qualified staff who take on an active leadership role in developing and maintaining a positive community within the residence halls.

We employ two different student leadership positions which play a vital role in the daily operations of the residence halls. Though different in job expectations, the Resident Assistants (RAs) and Social Media Coordinators (SMCs) positions foster community within the residence halls by providing both educational and social opportunities. Each student staff member participates in on-call duty rotation; conducts policy education and enforcement; manages check-ins and check-outs; and completes administrative tasks in addition to other responsibilities.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are staff members who live in residence halls and provide leadership. RAs encourage and support students in academic and personal growth by fostering awareness, appreciation, and development of skills in order to succeed in a diverse, global society. These skills are in the following areas of growth: personal development, academic success, multicultural understanding and sense of community. RAs are role models within their communities, demonstrating responsibility and ethical behavior. RAs play a pivotal role in the Office of Residential and are a vital resource for many members of the campus community.

We would like an opportunity to get to know you through our application and interview process. Applications are accepted electronically via SetterSync. Should you experience any difficulties during the process please contact

Minimum Requirements

  • Enrolled for 2024–2025 as a full-time student
  • 3.0 GPA required and maintained while in the position
  • May not be on disciplinary probation at the date of hire
  • Residence hall community experience (preferred)

RA Information Sessions

All applicants are HIGHLY encouraged to attend an information session. At the information session, you will receive an overview of the RA position, from the application process, the interview process, and more. Current RDs and RAs will lead these sessions and can answer questions about what it is like to be an RA at Pace.

RA Selection Timeline and Application

Timeline for 2024–2025 Applicants

  • November:
    • RA Information Sessions will be held to provide more information for the role and provide space for applicants to ask questions.
  • November 10–December 8:
    • Application opens on SetterSync. Applicants will be asked to answer a short writing prompt and provide a reference. No applications will be accepted after December 8, 11:59 p.m.
  • January 29–February 1
    • Round 2: Round Robin interviews will be held. Candidates will sign up for a 30 minute time slot to participate in a Round Robin style group interview where they will have roughly 5 minutes at 4 different interview stations.
  • February 3
    • Round 3: Group Process will be held. All candidates that progress to this round MUST be available to participate. Candidates will work in groups through different activities supervised by current RAs.
  • February 12–16
    • Round 4: Final Interviews will be conducted individually with candidates that progress to the final round and two Professional Staff members.
  • Early–Mid March
    • Notification of Decision will be sent out.

Responsibilities of an RA

Student Development

Facilitating a positive community is an indispensable part of achieving the goals of Pace University’s Office of Residential Life. In order to create a positive community, RAs must develop individual relationships with each student and create a safe space for a community valuing multicultural understanding, academic success, and personal development. RAs will facilitate community development through having meaningful conversations and hosting dynamic programming following the residential life curriculum.

Problem Solving

To achieve the goals of the Office of Residential Life, RAs must be able to approach all situations in an educational manner. RAs achieve this by showing care and respect for all students. An essential component of maintaining a positive community environment is an RA's role in responding to student concerns and crises. RAs are the first line of response in managing student and community concerns, RAs are expected to critically evaluate and determine the appropriate follow-up needed.

Administrative Tasks

As an Office of Residential Life staff member, RAs are responsible for administrative tasks such as promptly reporting incidents, facility concerns, meeting regularly with your Residence Director and completing necessary paperwork.


Leadership potential as shown through past leadership experiences and recommendations. Commitment to both your own personal growth and the growth of others. Sensitivity and genuine concern for other students. Strong interpersonal, critical thinking, and communication skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Do I have to attend an Information Session?
Info sessions are not mandatory to apply, but it is very highly encouraged that applicants do. The Info Session will provide candidates with information regarding the RA Selection process, timeline, requirements, and general knowledge of the RA role. The Info Session will also provide students with the opportunity to interact with Office of Residential Life staff members, and gives students the opportunity to address questions and concerns.

What are you looking for when hiring an RA?
The Office of Residential Life is looking for a variety of attributes. Most importantly, a student who is a good role model, responsible, has the ability to develop relationships and enjoys being a part of a team. Our RAs come from many walks of life and display a variety of characteristics- it is very important for us to have a diverse team that represents our student body.

Am I eligible to become an RA?
All students who are enrolled full time are eligible to become RAs.

I transferred to Pace in the Fall/Spring. Am I eligible to become an RA?
The RA Selection Committee welcomes transfer students to apply for the RA position!

I was documented for a policy violation. Am I eligible to be hired as an RA?
Our policy is that you cannot be on current disciplinary probation at the date of hire. Judicial checks will be completed prior to invites for individual interviews. We understand that every situation is unique and that students make mistakes. However, all RAs must follow all university policies, and not doing so would put your job in jeopardy. Please contact your RD if you have any further questions.

If hired, do I get to choose what building I am in?
We will do our very best to place an RA into a top choice, but it is by no means a guarantee. Placements are made based on building fit, team fit, and need for that community.

RA Role

What are the benefits of working with The Office of Residential Life?
While the benefits of a meal and room compensation are certainly a perk, those students who are only applying for this reason are encouraged to think again. These positions are demanding jobs which require dedication to making living in the Residence Halls a positive experience for others. Some other benefits include: professional development opportunities through training and conferences, leadership development, connections with people, and marketable skill development.

Will the room rent waiver and meal plan affect my financial aid package?
Each student’s financial aid package is unique. The Residential Life Student Staff remuneration can impact your ability to maintain your work study position or other aid that you receive. The Office of Residential Life recommends that all applicants contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the effect of the position on their financial aid package. It is the responsibility of the applicant to be aware of how the position may affect their financial aid.

What is RA Training? When does RA training begin?
RA training typically begins the second week of August and lasts approximately two weeks. RA Training includes a series of sessions that prepares RAs for all facets of the RA position from community development to responding to emergencies, as well as preparing for the opening of the residence hall and team bonding. Additional RA training takes place during the semester via RA In-Services, as well as during the days leading up to the beginning of the Spring Semester in January.

What is duty?
Duty is when an RA is required to be in the building and/or RA office for a set period. There is an RA on duty from 6:00 p.m.–9:00 a.m. on Sunday-Thursday, as well as from 6:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. (24 hours) on Friday and Saturday. While an RA is on duty they hold the duty cell phone and are expected to remain in the building and respond to any issues that come up. While on duty, an RA completes rounds of the building to ensure safety and security and responds to all maintenance and emergency issues.

When can I leave at the end of the semester/during breaks?
RAs leave after the residents of the building have checked out for the semester. Since we do not close for Thanksgiving and Spring Break, some RAs are expected to be on duty during these breaks.

Extracurricular Activities

What outside activities can I have outside of RA position?
RAs are permitted to hold outside job responsibilities outside of the RA position. This could include outside employment, student club or organization involvement, athletic team participation, etc.

Can I take a night class every day?
Unfortunately, No. There are evening obligations that are expected of RAs. Because of this RAs should not take more than three night classes, and should not take classes on Fridays between 3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. This is to accommodate for weekly RA staff meetings and In services on Fridays. RAs get priority registration to accommodate these needs.

Can I be an Orientation Leader and be an RA?
Yes! A student can be an RA and be an OL. If you choose to be both an OL and an RA, please understand the demands it places on you throughout the summer. Orientation is a busy time, as well is RA Training & Opening. There will be very little downtime from the end of OL expectations to the beginning of RA expectations.

Will I have time for myself and to spend time with my friends?
Absolutely! Time management is a key component to the RA position. You will learn skills on how to best manage your time, and your RD will assist you in continued development in this area. The RA position can sometimes be a demanding position, and it is very important that each RA finds the balance needed to meet these demands as well as being an extremely successful student and having time for other responsibilities. There will be times when you will need to make sacrifices for the position. The RA job is a student personnel position, and we cannot always predict when our students will require our attention.

Am I allowed to have an internship and work as an RA during the same semester?
Yes, please talk to your RD about these responsibilities and how you balance them with the RA expectations.