Residence halls on the Pleasantville campus

Alumni Hall Triple Rooms

Extended Occupancy Triples on the Pleasantville Campus

All incoming first-year students who apply to live on-campus by application deadlines are guaranteed housing. However, because of the heavy demand for on-campus housing, it is necessary for the University to assign students to triple rooms and extended occupancy triple rooms.

Alumni Hall 5 Bed Semi-Suite - Triple Room

These rooms are permanent triple rooms. They contain 3 beds, 3 wardrobes, 6 under the bed dressers, and 3 bed-side tablet desks. The students assigned to this space will be charged a different rate, and we expect them to reside in this room for the full academic year.

Alumni Hall 5 Bed Semi-Suite – Extended Occupancy Triple Room

Depending on the demand for housing, we sometimes need to extend the occupancy of our double rooms and transform them into triples. These spaces are meant to house three students until we can find a permanent space for one of the students into another room in Alumni Hall. The students in this room are considered permanent residents until an offer to move has been made.

These rooms have 3 beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, 4 under the bed dressers, and 2 wardrobes in the bedroom. There will be 1 additional wardrobe in the common area of the semi-suite as well.

Financial Refund

Students who move in to an Extended Occupancy room, where all three residents have moved in, will receive a $700 discount in the cost of their housing for the first semester if they are still assigned to a temporary triple as of the start of the third week of classes. Students will receive a second $700 discount on the cost of housing if they are still in the Temporary Triple at the start of November.

Offer To Move

The Housing Operations Team, and the Residential Life staff in each building work facilitate the move process. The Housing Operations Team will send emails to the students with updates about the move process. The actual letter to de-triple will be sent to the room via hand delivery. For those students in an extended occupancy triple, it is important that students keep in touch with their Resident Assistant and Residence Director if there are problems. Students in extended occupancy triple rooms will be given priority for vacancies in Alumni Hall. We use deposit date as the main factor in determining the order for the de-tripling offers.

When an offer is made, students will have the option to decide who is going to move, if they want to stay in an extended occupancy space permanently, or if they want to drop to the bottom of the list. The students will only be able to drop to the bottom of the list if there are other extended occupancy triple rooms in the building. If all of the extended occupancy triple rooms have received an offer to move once during the academic year, then the next offer will only have the option to decide who is going to move or to stay in an extended occupancy space permanently.


In an effort to assist tripled students through this experience, the Housing Operations Team will provide information to the students prior to their arrival about what to expect and how to live with multiple roommates. Certain programming within the residence halls is tailored for students living in tripled housing. This programming is designed to take a proactive approach, with in-hall activities that support and educate residents on how to maximize their tripled housing living experience. In addition, the Residential Life Staff is always available to help mediate any issues that may arise. Spaces have been identified in each of the buildings for “quiet study” to ensure that residents have a quiet, comfortable place to focus on their academics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's assigned to these rooms? Why was I chosen?

Triple rooms and extended occupancy triple rooms are scattered around Alumni Hall. Each First-Year Interest Group (FIG) will have a number of spaces that are triples or extended occupancy triples. Those students that place their housing deposit later in the process or have requested to live with two other students may be placed into these rooms.

How long will I be assigned to an extended occupancy triple room?

Our first priority will be to get all students moved to a permanent space as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can only go as fast as when spaces become available.

What extra furniture is in my extended occupancy triple room?

There are three beds (bunking can be requested) two desks, and two chairs. There will be two wardrobes in the room, and another wardrobe in the shared common room. There are four under the bed dresser drawers. It is important that furniture is equally shared by all roommates. Resident Assistants can assist in determining the equal distribution of all furniture to ensure that all residents have fair access to the space. No additional furniture is available for the room.

Will the furniture be removed when one of the roommates is reassigned?

Yes. Staff will work as quickly as possible to remove the additional bed and wardrobe.

Is one student designated to have the specific furniture?

All three roommates should talk about how to share the furniture and space. It is important that furniture is equally shared by all roommates. Resident Assistants can assist in determining the equal distribution of all furniture to ensure that all residents have fair access to the space. Planning this in advance by talking with roommates will start your experience smoothly. Students with questions or concerns can speak with their Resident Assistant once they move in.

What should I do if I am the first person to arrive in the room?

As mentioned above, the furniture should be divided equally. No one student should have the advantage over his/her roommates. It is a good idea to wait until all roommates have arrived before beds and furniture are set up.

Can we move the furniture around?

Most of the furniture can be moved to suit the needs and creativity of the residents of that room, provided it does not block the path of egress in the room. Also, consider where the internet, electrical outlets, and cable connections are located when rearranging furniture.

Are there three Ethernet connections?

There are multiple Ethernet connections in all rooms and all of our residence halls are set up for wireless networking. In some rooms, an extra-long Ethernet cable may be necessary. Since not all connections are in the same location, it is not possible to give all residents the exact locations of the connections. We have found that fewer and fewer students use an Ethernet connection, as a wireless connection is readily available.

Won't it be cramped in the room with all that furniture?

Room set-up will be tight, although the rooms were evaluated before their conversion to triples as to how well furnishings would fit in the available space. Storage space is limited to the wardrobes and under the beds. There are no storage rooms elsewhere on the floor or in the building.

Here are some creative, yet safe, ways of arranging furnishings in order to save space and maximize the amount of open floor space:

  • Bunk an un-bunked bed
  • Make an 'L' formation with two beds, or dressers or desks
  • Use your refrigerator as a nightstand
  • Make use of all flat surfaces (tops of desks, dressers, refrigerators, wardrobes, etc.)
  • Bring storage drawers or boxes that fit under your bed or under the sinks in the common area of the suite.

Each student should restrict the items he/she brings to campus, particularly by leaving least essential items (e.g., winter clothing) at home. A practical rule of thumb would be to restrict your possessions to what fits in/on your desk, dresser and one-third of a small closet. Hanging space for clothing will be particularly limited. Roommates are strongly encouraged to speak with one another prior to move-in day and to ensure that unnecessary duplication (e.g. TV, stereo, fan, refrigerator) are avoided. Families who travel to campus for move-in day should plan to take back home with them items such as empty trunks and suitcases.

How will I be notified when my room has received an offer to de-triple?

All three students will be notified via a letter that will be hand-delivered to the room. The letter must be signed by all of the residents and returned to the Office of Residential Life & Housing in Elm Hall.

Can we decide to stay in an extended occupancy triple?

Yes! Students who decide to stay in an extended occupancy triple will continue to receive the room discount until all extended occupancy rooms for that gender have been de-tripled.