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Housing Westchester

First Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

First Year Interest Groups are how we place first year residents together in the residence halls. Each community is built around a common interest, not all of them are academic based. Our staff in communities program around this common interest. There is always a faculty or staff member connected to these First Year Interest Groups.

First year interest group Body and mind logoFirst year interest group creating entrepreneurial opportunites logoFirst year interest group extreme sports and pace nation logo

First year interest group honors logoFirst year interest group nursing logoFirst year interest group pop culture and media logo


First year interest group setters leadership and service house logo



Alumni Hall Lounge Directory

There is a lounge dedicated to each FIG- looking for them? See below!

  • Setters Leadership & Service House (SLH) - Room 100
  • Honors Lounge - Room 200
  • Nursing Lounge - Room 226
  • Extreme Sports & Pace Nation (ESPN) - Room 300
  • Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) - Room 326
  • Body and Mind (BAM) - Room 400
  • Pop Culture and Media (PCM) - Room 426

Classrooms: Room 132 & 134

Study Lounges: 2 on each Floor (2-4)