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Participate in a career-focused certificate program designed specifically for Writing and Rhetoric majors. Be mentored by alumni, design your career brand, qualify for paid internships, develop your writing portfolio, and put your learning to work in the real world, with up to 9 internship credits.

Writing and Rhetoric Professionalization + ASPIRE Program

Each year, Writing and Rhetoric students will be guided and supported to complete Writing and Rhetoric milestones and ASPIRE indicated in bold. Students complete the ASPIRE modules to receive the ASPIRE career readiness digital certification badge.

STEP 1. Find Your Community

  • Writing and Rhetoric: Attend the Launch
  • Join 1-2 Career Communities
  • Join the Writing and Rhetoric Majors Only BrightSpace Community (coming in October!)

STEP 2. Plan and Prepare

  • Rock Your Resume workshop and score it to 65
  • Create your LinkedIn and Handshake Profiles
  • Pitch and Interviewing
  • Attend the Writing and Rhetoric Writing Center Resume or Cover Letter Workshop or Appointment
  • Career Counseling appointment to review progress and gain advice
  • Each year: update resume and profiles and meet with Career Services
  • Writing and Rhetoric: Select writing to add to your individual BrightSpace Portfolio folder

STEP 3. Connect and Apply

  • Building your networks: Attend Employer Events and other Career Services sponsored networking and career events (Writing and Rhetoric: 1 event each semester)
  • Attend Combined Degree and Graduate School Workshop
  • Search for Internships and Jobs; Unleash Your Inner Professional
  • Apply for internships and jobs on Handshake and complete up to 9 internship credits
  • Annual checkpoint meeting with Professor Mundy or Professor Hantgan to review to review progress and portfolio additions

Program Contacts

For Career Services information, please contact Tara Chiari at For other information about the Professionalization Program, please contact us at our information below.

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