Digital font selection in a publishing program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tuition prices are the same for online and in-house classes. Please see Tuiton & Fees.

  • Yes, please see the Pace Scholarships webpage.

  • Yes, the Publishing, MS curriculum can be completed in-person or online.

  • No, the GRE isn’t necessary, but all other requirements of the Degree Program apply to the Certificate Program. Please see Graduate Application Procedures for the requirements.

  • Yes. The credits received from a Publishing Certificate can be applied to the Degree program; however, students that are already enrolled in the Degree program cannot revert to the Certificate program.

  • The Blackboard environment is available for all of the courses in the program, online and in-class. The online courses in Blackboard will have specific dates and times (Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. every week, for example) when course lectures and materials are available to students. Students can work on the course independently, at their convenience, adhering to assignment and exam due dates.

    In class courses are offered at the Midtown Center and students are expected to attend each class. Blackboard is also used for these courses as a place where professors can post announcements, additional materials or assignments, and students can post homework, take an exam, or join in a discussion on the Discussion Board.

  • Application procedures for online and in-house classes are the same. Please see Graduate Application Procedures.

  • The Publishing, MS is a 36 credit program and can be completed in 1.5 to 2 years.

  • All MS in Publishing Students are required to write a thesis paper as part of their graduate coursework. PUB 690 A and B is the two course sequence for students who are working full-time or completing their degree online and unable to complete an internship. These courses are taught online and offered every Fall and Spring. Students research and develop their thesis topics in 690A and write a thesis statement, outline, and at least ten pages by the end of the semester. In 699B, also taught online each Fall and Spring semester, students complete their Master’s thesis.

    The Internship courses PUB 699 A and B are for students who want the experience of working in the industry. This two-course sequence is taught in the classroom. The semester before students register for 699A, they must contact the Internship professor to review their resume and cover letter and discuss the process of securing an internship. Students are encouraged to treat their search for an internship like a job search and learn the skills necessary to apply for positions upon graduation. Having secured an internship, in 699A students write about their internship, develop their thesis topics, and begin their preliminary research. Upon satisfactorily completing 699A, students must register for 699B, where they finish writing their Master’s thesis.