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Accelerated and Certificate Programs

Accelerated (4+1) Programs

The Sequential BA English / MS in Publishing program is designed to attract students who have an abiding interest in literature and language. It is practical preparation for post graduate careers in the exciting dynamic field of publishing.

Undergraduate English majors in either the literature concentration or the writing concentration may apply in the second semester of their junior year for acceptance to the graduate program in publishing which leads to a Master of Science degree. In their senior year students accepted into the program will take twelve credits in publishing courses which will partially satisfy the requirements for both the BA degree and the MS in Publishing degree. Students can, therefore, complete both degree programs in five years.

This program offers considerable advantages for students who are eager to establish themselves on a career path beyond entry level positions at the completion of their studies. The program should be particularly attractive to students who have strong interests in language, literature, and writing. The dynamic, fast changing publishing industry would seem to be a natural arena for a practical utilization of such interests. Internships at various publishing concerns will enhance the opportunities for students to acquire professional experience before graduation.

Admission to the Program

Undergraduate English majors who have an overall 3.0 QPA in the major are eligible to apply to the MS Publishing program in the second semester of their junior year. To gain acceptance it will be necessary for interested students to file an application in the Graduate Admissions Office. Once they have been accepted into the program, they must register in the publishing program office, at which time they will be assigned an advisor who will guide them to make the most productive use of their course of study.

Graduate Certificate Programs

For students who choose not to pursue the MS Publishing degree, the department offers four 12-credit certificate programs. These programs are designed for professionals who would like to extend their knowledge of the publishing field by attending in-house sessions or by completing the curriculum requirements online. Courses include marketing, distribution methods, editorial principles, magazine circulation, and legal aspects of publishing. The program will enhance opportunities for professionals on the job.

Each certificate can be completed in one year and all credits can be counted toward the completion of the MS in Publishing degree. Certificate courses can be completed online and /or in evening classes held at Pace’s Midtown Center.

NOTE: Students enrolled in the certificate programs may apply earned credits to the Master of Science in Publishing degree; however, students already matriculated in the MS Degree may not revert to the Certificate program.