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Our Successful Alumni

"As someone who moved to New York with no knowledge of the industry and even less knowledge of where I belonged in it, the Pace M.S. in Publishing program not only helped me find my place, but also allowed me to make the connections I needed and find lifelong friends along the way. The professors at Pace have a desire to see their students succeed which makes all the difference. Two semesters into the program I was able to intern with Simon & Schuster and immediately after was hired by Hachette Book Group and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without professors like Manuela Soares mentoring and advocating for me."​​

— Ely Mellet '18, Designer at Lee & Low Books

"The Pace Publishing program helped me to meet the right people and gain the practical knowledge necessary for the job I do today. It was an invaluable experience, and I loved my time in the program."

— Rachel Diebel '18, Assistant Editor at St. Martin’s Press

"I went into book publishing thinking I’d be an editor. It turns out that everyone wants to be an editor. Attending the Pace Publishing Program, I learned there’s much more—sales, marketing, production, and other areas. An editor may choose the book, but someone’s got to finance it, promote it, and make it. And, as it happened, my calling was making ebooks.With Pace’s breadth of industry connections and internship assistance, I was able to land my first two publishing gigs—all before graduating. I’m now an ebook technologies manager at Penguin Random House, where I assist production teams with making the best ebooks for Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other retail partners. When you’re new to the publishing industry, it’s hard to find context or contacts. You can find both through Pace."

— Alex Grover '15, Associate, EBook Production at Penguin Random House

"The program definitely taught me valuable knowledge about the industry that I may never have been able to learn elsewhere. It is a great feeling to know about how different departments work before jumping into a big company. Knowing the terminology and understanding the hierarchies made me feel more confident when I first began."

— Andrea St. Aubin '14, Assistant Production Editor at Penguin Random House

"My experience in the publishing program was amazing. Being surrounded by students and teachers who are as passionate about the industry as you are is very inspiring. It was during the program that I completely fell in love with design. It’s where I typeset my first chapters and designed a few covers for books and magazines. I was hooked."

— Mauricio Díaz '12, Art Director at Open Road Integrated Media

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