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Science of Development Lab

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At the Science of Development Lab, we ask questions about how children and families learn and develop. We study different areas of development, including language, mathematics, and executive functioning.

Students may become involved in a variety of different projects, including coding and analyzing parent-child interactions and conducting studies examining children’s learning.

Research and Projects

Kids and Technology

  • Independent E-book Reading
  • E-books and Reach Out & Read (with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

Community-based Play and Learning

  • Urban Thinkscape
  • Play-and-Learn Spaces (with Free Library of Philadelphia)
  • Play Terrains (with Free Library of Philadelphia)
  • Talk It Up (with Smith Memorial Playground and Read By 4th!)

Early Mathematics Development

  • Number Sense Strategies
  • Math Language


TBD each semester


Brenna Hassinger-Das, PhD
Research Group Lead

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