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Internships and Thesis

Pace University’s publishing internship courses are offered every semester.

The internship program is designed to introduce talented students to careers in publishing. Working with the internship professor, students email their resumes and cover letters to a selection of different companies. Once an offer has been made, the hours and days are finalized between the student and employer. Some internships are paid, others are not. The responsibilities of the intern vary from company to company.

To receive credit for the internship, students must enroll in PUB 699A, Internship 1. Internships are typically 16 to 24 hours a week in the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer internships may last 8 to 12 weeks with the intern working a full-time schedule.

During internships, students learn about their particular job assignment and department while studying the company and its related procedures, products, and services. By the end of the semester, each student develops their thesis topic based on their internship experience or developed from their study of the company. Students conduct their preliminary research for the thesis paper, write a thesis statement, and an outline in 699A for the thesis paper they will complete in PUB 699B.

The internship professor and the employer evaluate the intern periodically during the semester. Students also meet regularly with the internship professor to discuss the work they are doing in their internship. Through meetings with the professor and a review of their homework assignments, students analyze what they’ve learned in their internships and identify the skills that promote a successful internship experience.

Following the completion of the internship, students are required to register for PUB 699B and to complete their Master’s thesis based on the thesis statement and outline developed in 699A. The Master’s thesis should reflect the knowledge gained from the internship experience or an issue that was relevant to the company or department in which the student worked.

MS in Publishing students intern at such prestigious companies as Simon & Schuster, Random House, Scholastic, Macmillan, HarperCollins, Time Inc., Hachette, Hearst, Meredith, Oxford University Press, The Writer’s House, to name a few (see list of employers for a more comprehensive list).


Publishing Department

To Employers

A company may list its internship opportunities with the MS in Publishing Program at least four weeks prior to the upcoming semester by filling out the form available on this site. Summer internship requests should be received by the beginning of the Spring semester.


Students who do not take the Internship courses (699A and B) must complete their Master’s thesis in the Graduate Seminar (690A and B).

The Graduate Seminar professor assists graduate students in the creation of their Master's Thesis. Students are strongly recommended to take this course only after they have completed at least one semester in the program. The Graduate Seminar focuses on finding a topic, researching, and creating the outline and other materials necessary to writing and completing the final thesis.

In 690A, students develop ideas for the Master's Thesis. Once a researchable topic has been chosen, students develop a thesis statement. Once the thesis statement is approved, students draft an outline of the thesis, followed by an outline, and preliminary bibliography. By the end of the semester students have at least ten pages of their thesis written.

In 690B students complete the writing of their Master’s thesis.

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