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Faculty Research Areas

Our Faculty

Women's and Gender Studies faculty can be found on the 5th Floor of 51 Park Row in Suite 511. To read their biography and view courses they teach, click each faculty member's name.

For research opportunities in girls' activism, feminist girls and girlhoods, girls' human rights, girls and global development, and youth and social justice, contact Professor Emily Bent at (212) 346-1718 or

For research opportunities in performance studies, art and visual cultures, critical theory, gender and sexuality, queer and trans studies, aesthetics and politics, race and ethnicity, urban studies, and Latin/x American studies, contact Professor Cynthia Citlallin Delgado at

For research opportunities in gender violence, asylum/refugees/undocumented migrants, and transnational feminist theory and advocacy, contact Professor Meghana Nayak at (212) 346-1465 or

For research opportunities in gender and nationalism; fandoms, media, and politics; transnational feminism; and gender and consumer cultures, contact Professor Nancy Reagin at (212) 346-1723 or

For research opportunities in humanitarian aid, nonviolent social movements, peacebuilding and the arts, and religion and peacebuilding, contact Professor Emily Welty at (212) 346-1805 or

Joint and Affiliate Faculty

For research opportunities in medieval and early modern literature, history of women, and history of the book, contact Professor Martha Driver at (212) 346-1716 ext. 11676 or

For research opportunities in Shakespeare studies, feminist Shakespeare, Shakespeare in performance, early modern performance culture, women in the early modern period, and performance studies, contact Professor Sid Ray at (212) 346-1672 or