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Modern Languages and Cultures

Take the World By Storm

Become a more educated citizen of the world with the Modern Languages and Cultures department on Pace University’s New York City. The department, which offers three degree programs, allows you to cross linguistic borders, increase your cultural competencies, and develop worldly skills employers are seeking in today’s global economy. With experiential opportunities such as study abroad and service learning and through its interdisciplinary approach, the Modern Languages and Cultures department provides you a unique and immersive course of study that will prepare you for dynamic fields such as tourism, translation, international trade, government agencies, education, and more.

Unique Opportunities

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Language Placement Exam

To best chart your course of study, new students are asked to complete a language placement exam if you wish to resume study in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, or Italian.

The Modern Languages and Cultures department provides you the resources you’ll need to excel academically and prepare for your future career, including chapters of honors societies and connections to internship opportunities in the bustling global hub of New York City and around the world.

Success Starts Here

Jonathan Gerweck

"I think that communications, paired with a language/internationally based major, is a perfect combination that has relevance in any professional setting. I find communications interesting because we use communications and media studies every day of our lives. Learning efficient communication strategies alongside Pace’s various language programs is a match made in heaven for me."

Full interview with Jonathan Gerweck '23


Department Chairperson
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Modern Languages and Cultures - NYC

Support Staff

Iraida Garcia

Program Coordinator
New York City Campus
41 Park Row, 11th Floor
Phone: (212) 346-1498