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Every May / June, Larry Hundersmarck, PhD, leads a group of Pace students to Rome, Italy for a three-week course taught together with faculty from the University of Rome. The course focuses on the long and magnificent history and awesome culture of the Eternal city and uses this grand city as the text for the course.

Students will study and visit the significant cultural sites that have made Rome a world center since ancient times, with special attention given to the art, architecture, religion, urban planning, and history of Rome in its Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern expressions. The course brings to life the history, art, architecture, religion, and culture of this magnificent city: center of the fabled Roman Empire, the Coliseum, seat of the Roman Catholic Church, and capital of modern Italy. Rigorous academic study is coupled with a great deal of fun and free time for exploring Rome and its environs.

The course allows you to see and experience firsthand what you are learning about. The awesome aura of Rome will give you memories for a lifetime. This educational opportunity has, for more than a decade, proven to be among the most popular travel experiences offered throughout the whole university.


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