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Ginger Cox

Ginger Cox
Adjunct Professor
Jazz, Anatomy for Dancers, Current Dance in New York - BFA Commercial Dance & Performing Arts General

Ginger holds a MS in Kinesiology, a BFA in Dance from Temple University,​ and is on faculty at Broadway Dance Center. She’s taught master classes in Europe, Mexico, Japan, at the Earl Mosley Institute, Danse Encore festival Quebec, at the Joffrey, dance conventions and in studios throughout the U.S. She is the founder of Dancing Anatomy and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer. Ginger has presented anatomy/movement-based seminars at the Dance Science and Somatics conference, the Bill Evans Somatic Conference, and the Dance Educators Training Institute, and was featured in Dance Informa and Dancetrain Magazine for her teaching methods and dynamic style. She has contributed to articles in Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Spirit.

Ginger’s choreography is described as ‘absorbing and inventive, with amusing creativity,’ by the Jazz Dance E-news, and Bob Boross quotes, “the greatest exploration of the choreographic voice within jazz dance was seen in the work of Ginger Cox.” She’s choreographed for Nike, the NJ Nets Dancers, recording artist Lijie, Hanayashiki Show in Japan, the Élan Awards, honoring Mr. Lar Lubavich, Dancing Wheels Company, the Brooklyn Dance Festival, Waxworks, DRA, Queens Fringe Festival, Independent films, industrials, and the NuDance Festival, where the NY Times quoted “the selection of choreographers was unusually good.” Some of her many performance highlights include Saturday Night Live with Molly Shannon and Jimmy Falon, artist Lou Bega, concerts and industrials.