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Ian Pokorny

Ian Pokorny
Adjunct Professor - Production and Design
Production Technology

Ian Pokorny is a NYC-based Media Technologist who develops multidisciplinary approaches to electronic music technology, human-computer interaction, and media production. His main area of focus is hybrid digital/analog circuitry for modular synthesis systems. As an audiovisual technician, he has over a decade of experience providing technical solutions for academic institutions, live music venues, and productions throughout the tri-state area. Ian earned his BTech in Emerging Media Technologies from CUNY NYC College of Technology, with a concentration in Tangible Media. His areas of expertise include software development for microcontrollers, sound & video synthesis techniques, and physical computing. As an electronics designer, he seeks to establish a bridge between traditional paradigms and experimental approaches, in order to create interactive media systems that are immediately accessible yet reward continued exploration.