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How am I connected in the residence hall?

A Cable TV jack is included in the room rate. The channels include HBO, several sports channels and CNN. You must supply your own coaxial cable to link your cable ready TV to the cable jack. We do have HD channels. View a full listing of our channel lineup (PDF). Any Smart TV must be able to be connected with an ethernet connection. A Smart TV will not be able to be connected via a wireless connection.

Internet access is also included in the room rate. All of the residence halls are equipped for wireless along with hard wired jacks for an ethernet connection.

In addition, you must supply your own Ethernet cable if you are not connecting through the wireless network.

Video Game Consoles
A video game console can be connected to the internet through an ethernet connection. A video game console will not be able to be connected via a wireless connection.

What about safety within the residence halls?

All residents carry an ID card that will allow them entrance to the hall where they reside. Along with the swipe card, they will receive a key to their living space. There are also Video Cameras located at all of the entrance/exit points to the halls that are connected to the Safety and Security Office. Additionally, the security dispatch is located at the front desk of Alumni Hall.

What if I am having trouble with my roommate?

If a student is having trouble with their roommate, they should reach out to their Resident Assistant or Residence Director, or review our Good Roommate Guide (PDF).

Where can I find more information about being in a triple?

We have a dedicated page with information about triples in Alumni Hall.

What are the dimensions of the rooms in Alumni Hall?

Most (but not all) rooms in Alumni Hall have the following room measurements, although there will be unique differences in different rooms.

  • Room Measurement: 12 feet x 14 feet
  • Bed Measurement: 2 and ¾ feet high when raised to maximum level. This can be adjusted lower.
  • Set of drawers (4 sets in each room): 20 inches high x 30 inches wide *Note: Drawers can fit under the bed side by side or can be stacked (not under the bed)
  • Window: 6 feet high x 5 feet wide
  • Desk: 30 inches high x 41 inches wide
  • Desk Carol (sits on top of the desk): 21 inches high x 36 inches wide
  • Wardrobe: 5.5 feet high & 50 inches from the clothes bar to the ground

Is Pace responsible if my personal items are damaged?

While all cases of property loss and theft are dealt with in conjunction with our Office of Safety and Security, there are times that the University will not cover the replacement cost for items that are damaged or lost.  We strongly encourage all residents to get an insurance policy that will cover their items.  One of these policies is offered by National Student Services Inc (NSSI). View an example of their policies (PDF).  You can check with your local insurance company as well to see if you are covered.

What are some events in the halls?

The Residence Halls offer thriving communities where resident students interact with each other. If you are looking for a study break or a way to meet new people, you can get involved in the following activities:

  • Hall Council
  • Residence Hall Association