Student exploring his surroundings while studying abroad.

Costs and Financial Aid

Program Cost

Study Abroad program costs vary by type, destination, and duration. All study abroad programs carry an additional $100 Study Abroad Fee, billed to the student's account at Pace; the Study Abroad Fee covers student graduation sashes with the flag of their specific study abroad country and administrative fees. For some students who chose lower cost destinations abroad, a study abroad semester may actually be less expensive than a semester at Pace because both the cost of living and housing may be lower abroad. See here for more than 50 Scholarships which apply to Study Abroad.

The cost of tuition is determined by the following program-specific guidelines:

Fall & Spring (Semester or Academic Year)

  • Exchanges - Students pay Pace tuition. 100% of scholarships and financial aid are applied to the tuition bill. Housing is not included and must be paid by the student directly to the host institution abroad.
  • Partners - Students pay Pace tuition. Students may use up to a maximum of $12,500 of scholarships, along with all of their financial aid. (For example, if a student receives $15,000 of Pace scholarships and grants per semester, they will forfeit $2,500; this $2,500 cannot be carried over to the following semester.) Housing is not included and must be paid by the student directly to the host institution abroad.

Summer & January programs

  • Cost is determined by, and paid to, the program through which students are travelling
  • Students are not billed Pace tuition
  • Scroll down for more information about summer programs and Financial Aid implications

Faculty-Led Courses

  • Each Faculty-Led course has a specific Program Fee (for the overseas component) that is in addition to Pace tuition.
  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is paid to Pace through the student's Study Abroad application, which is in addition to the normal Pace tuition costs for the course.

Budget Sheets: Each study abroad program’s brochure page has a specifically tailored “Budget Sheet”. This budgeting resource outlines both the actual and *estimated costs associated with your chosen study abroad program – both academic and non-academic – including housing, food, flights, visa, and more. (*Actual costs may vary and individual expenses may differ.) For questions regarding applicable financial aid, reach out to Pace Financial Aid by printing a copy of the Budget Sheet and attaching it to your email to The Budget Sheet is on the “Costs” tab of your programs’ Terra Dotta brochure page.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Faculty-Led Programs

The $500 non-refundable program deposit and the $100 study abroad fee are non-refundable, unless the program is cancelled by Pace. If the student withdraws from the course after the drop/add period, they are subject to Pace University Tuition Cancellation Policy according to the Tuition Cancellation Schedule.

​Semester Programs​

The refund and cancellation policy is program-specific. For Exchange Programs, refer to the Tuiton and Fees policies outlined in the Pace academic catalog because these policies apply.

All Other Programs

Refer to the policies specified by your host institution abroad or third-party program provider.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be able to assist you in financing your study abroad experience.

For students with a valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file, additional loan options may be available to you.

Once you have identified which study abroad program you would like to participate in, and a study abroad budget sheet has been provided by Education Abroad to Financial Aid, you may contact the Financial Aid Office directly at (cc: to learn more about your financing options.

There are no other opportunities for funding offered through Pace Financial Aid for study abroad. See here for Scholarships which apply to Study Abroad.

Summer Study Abroad Programs and Financial Aid

  • Students must submit a summer financial aid application.
  • Students are only eligible for loans, and if they use those loans for Study Abroad their loan eligibility will likely be impacted for Fall semester.
  • If students are eligible for Pell Grants, the summer financial aid counselor can process their Pell Grant eligibility.
  • Students cannot receive Pace institutional aid for summer study abroad.

For Students Applying For A Semester Or Year Abroad

The difference between Exchange Program options abroad and Partner Program options abroad is related to the amount of financial support students can receive.

How do you find out how much Financial Aid you currently receive and how studying abroad will impact your Financial Aid?

  • Log into the Pace Portal
  • Click 'Students' tab on the left-hand menu
  • Click Financial Aid System
  • Click Award Offer (2nd option)
  • On the top of the page click: "Award Year 202X-202X"
  • You should now see your Financial Aid awards
  • Carefully review your Financial Aid awards to best determine which type of study abroad program you should enroll in: (a) Exchange Program abroad, or (b) Partner Program abroad – keeping in mind that a maximum of $12,500 of Pace scholarships and grants per semester applies to Partner Programs (for up to two semesters). For example, if a student receives $15,000 of Pace scholarships and grants per semester, they will forfeit $2,500; this $2,500 cannot be carried over to the following semester.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

For all study abroad programs, Pace recommends that you purchase trip cancellation and/or interruption insurance... just in case. Such insurance plans can provide financial protection in the event that a student must unexpectedly cancel or interrupt their study abroad program and related travels; having it may prevent unforeseen circumstances from presenting a substantial financial loss for students who must later withdraw from a program to which they are committed. The Pace-arranged AY2021-22 insurance includes COVID-19 coverage for illness and testing (related to illness) abroad. However, it does not include any costs associated with quarantine due to COVID-19, nor does it offer any coverage should a student want to cancel their trip due to the threat or fear of COVID-19 and its developments. For these risks, we recommend students explore Cancel For Any Reason insurance. Read more about Cancel For Any Reason insurance and where to purchase it.

The Bottom Line

Don't let costs deter you. Participating in study abroad is an investment in your future and involves advance planning, as well as careful time and money management. Financing your experience is an integral part of that investment. The personal, academic, and professional rewards will last a lifetime. Visit our scholarships page for information on ways to finance your study abroad experience!