Student exploring his surroundings while studying abroad.

Why Study Abroad?

Earn credit towards your degree!

You can take in-depth courses in your discipline or save up open electives and take Areas of Knowledge (AOKs) abroad. Pace requires you to take a full course load while studying abroad for a semester or year.

In many cases, the cost of a semester abroad is the same as a semester at Pace

A semester abroad can cost the same as – or less than! – a semester at Pace. When going abroad for a semester or year, you’ll pay (1) Pace tuition and fees, and (2) housing to an overseas institution (which often costs less than housing at Pace). All federal and state financial aid applies towards your study abroad. For some programs, 100% of Pace scholarships and grants applies; for others, up to $12,500 of Pace scholarships and grants per semester applies (for up to two semesters). Plus, there are lots of scholarships available.

The Pace Path

Combining strong academics and real-world experiences so that students are market-ready upon graduation, the Pace Path is a plan for success in the classroom and beyond. It’s what sets Pace University apart. Whether you participate on a faculty-led course abroad, or live and study like a local for a semester or year, you’ll gain experiential learning and insights that will propel you towards success.

Going to school in Spain not only helped with my language skills and got me out of my comfort zone, but it also gave me a better understanding of the world. From this experience, I know that it will make me more marketable in the job circuit. During my five months in Spain, I grew into a person I could have only dreamed of being.

Kendra, Semester Abroad in Spain

Be more competitive post-graduation

Students with international experiences are more attractive in the job market. Study abroad positively impacts intercultural awareness and critical thinking; personal growth (increased self-confidence); academic performance; language learning; and professional development. By studying abroad, you’ll learn how to problem solve, train for international careers, develop a deeper global outlook and tolerance for ambiguity, and collaborate with people with diverse backgrounds – paramount for today’s graduates. It’s a resume and employability booster.

Graduate on time

Most Pace students who go abroad tend to graduate on time or even earlier. Nationally, study abroad participants have faster overall graduation rates too.

Excel academically

Students who go abroad have higher GPAs than students who don't. Study abroad positively impacts student success (and can strengthen grad school applications).

FOMO? Don’t worry

While you may miss out on some events back home, you’ll be experiencing a whole world of new adventures. You’ll gain new interests, experiences, and friends from around the world. You’ll be challenged in ways that will make you grow and gain a clearer sense of self. Want to know one of the biggest regrets of college graduates who don't study abroad? The fact that they didn’t go.

Change your Pace – study abroad!