Student exploring his surroundings while studying abroad.

Gender Abroad

Whether you’ve traveled before or this is your first time abroad, it's important to consider your host country’s cultural attitude towards gender identity. Depending on where you are, you may find gender roles and norms different than what you're accustomed to. It's possible that you may be treated differently or be expected to treat others differently based on these factors. Everyone should consider possible issues, challenges, and changes they may face while abroad regarding societal perceptions of gender. When researching potential programs, consider your host country’s cultural differences and how these might impact your everyday life.

Learn about your host country

Societal expectations based on gender can differ between countries and can influence interaction.


  • What is the attitude towards gender in my host country?
  • What are typical gender roles?
  • What are perceptions and expectations for men, women, and transgender individuals?
  • What are the gender stereotypes of Americans?
  • How do men treat women and vice versa?
  • Are there differences in political and social power based on gender?
  • How do my personal values compare with my host country’s attitudes about socially accepted gender roles?