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Course credit while studying abroad

Understanding how foreign courses taken during study abroad will fit into your Pace degree plan is the most important part of the study abroad process. Education Abroad will further elaborate on this important process during pre-departure advising in the Abroad 102 info session, which is mandatory for all study abroad students.

How do credits work for study abroad?

When you study abroad at a Pace partner institution—for a semester, year, or summer program—you will receive Pace credits for courses taken abroad. In order to get these Pace credits, there are steps you must take. It's your responsibility to follow these steps; you will not be able to get academic credits otherwise. Undergraduate students going for a semester abroad must enroll in, complete, and pass a minimum equivalent of 12 Pace credit hours. 

What are “course equivalencies”?

Any course you take at a foreign university (or through a study abroad program provider) must closely match a course offered at Pace, in terms of content and academic level. You will select courses from those offered at the overseas institution, with the assistance of your Pace faculty/academic adviser. For every course you take abroad, you must get approval for a similar course at Pace from a Department Chair. This process is referred to as obtaining course equivalencies.

How do I obtain course equivalencies?

First, talk to your Pace Academic Advisor about how the courses you want to take abroad will fit into your academic plan. Complete your Credit Equivalency Forms in consultation with your Academic Advisor. When you apply to study abroad, you will generate your own Credit Equivalency Forms (one for each course) on the Education Abroad application website.

First, check to see if courses you wish to take abroad are already in Pace’s database of equivalencies:

  • Go to your Study Abroad Application and click on the “Credit Equivalency” link
  • Click the drop-down menu where it says “select foreign course”
  • Select the course you desire to take and enter the appropriate foreign credit amount and select “next”
  • Select “Option 1: Show equivalent Courses”
  • Select which Pace course you would like to earn credit for and click NEXT
  • Print the Form by clicking on the “Print CER Form” button on the bottom of the page
  • You must have your Academic Advisor sign off on each Form

Step-by-step instructions on creating your Credit Equivalency Forms  if no course equivalencies exist in Pace’s database of equivalencies:

  • Go to your Study Abroad Application and click on the “Credit Equivalency” link
  • Click on “New Equivalency Request”
  • Click on “Other: Not Listed” in the drop-down bar, and input the foreign course code, title, and credits. Click “Next”
  • Select Option 3: “Search Home Courses”. Under Department, select “**NEEDS APPROVAL”. Click on Search.
  • Select the circle next to the “NEEDS DEPT. CHAIR APPROVAL” option, and click “Next”. You have now created your Course Equivalency Form.
  • Print the Form by clicking on the “Print CER Form” button on the bottom of the page
  • You must have a Department Chair and your Academic Advisor sign off on each Form

Remember: you must submit your Credit Equivalency Forms to the applicable Department Chair(s) and obtain the Chair signature(s)! Courses approved as equivalent to Pace’s must satisfy the same curriculum requirements as the Pace course satisfies. Courses for which there is no Pace equivalent—but which are deemed appropriate/desirable to enhance the student’s educational goals—must have the approval of the Department Chair. Note: Pace Department Chairs evaluate course equivalency, and Academic Advisors determine how courses fit within students' degree plan - not credit equivalency. Only OSA evaluates credits and determine their value. 

If you cannot easily access your Study Abroad application to create a Credit Equivalency Form, you can download and print a blank Course Equivalency Form (PDF).​

Need more help? Watch this Prezi, walking you through the process step by step.

How many courses should I seek approval for?

Seek approval for more courses than you’re intending to take—so that you’ll have flexibility in choosing your schedule after you arrive abroad (in case a course is cancelled or there’s a schedule conflict). For example, we recommend that you seek approval for 10 courses if you plan to take 5 courses.

What if I change courses while abroad?

If you need to make changes to any courses while you are abroad, follow these 4 steps:

(1)  Inform your Pace Academic Advisor
(2)  Obtain new course(s) approval from the relevant Pace Department Chair (if the course is not in Pace’s database of equivalencies). Be sure to carefully detail the new foreign course title, credit amount, and course syllabus in your outreach to the Chair. Such approvals from Chairs must be confirmed via email—no later than the third week of the host institution’s semester (or the second week of the host institution’s summer term).
(3)  Update your Course Equivalency Form accordingly
(4)  Inform Pace Education Abroad that you've completed steps 1-3 above

Students who fail to obtain approval for changes in their study abroad courses cannot be guaranteed that they will receive academic credit for classes that are not on their signed Credit Equivalency Forms (regardless of whether they have completed them and/or paid for the new courses). This will delay your graduation from Pace.

What if I return from study abroad and haven’t yet obtained my course equivalencies?

You must upload your Credit Equivalency Forms for each missing class retroactively, and let Education Abroad know when completed by emailing Education Abroad cannot submit these materials into your application on your behalf. The Credit Equivalency Form is generated from logging into your Pace Study Abroad application (see 'step-by-step instructions' outlined above). The Office of Student Assistance (OSA) will not be able to process your transcript until all Course Equivalency Forms have been uploaded for your classes taken abroad. If Education Abroad has not been informed that you have uploaded your Course Equivalency Forms, we won’t know to begin processing your transcript.

What happens after I complete my course equivalencies?

All completed Course Equivalency Forms must be uploaded to the documents section of your online Study Abroad Application.

Pace Education Abroad will receive your transcript from your overseas host institution or program (possibly months after your program has ended), and forward it to OSA for processing and conversion of your foreign credits. OSA will then update your Pace transcript based on the Credit Equivalency Forms you submitted prior to your study abroad. (Please allow 8-12 weeks for OSA to process.) Remember: OSA will NOT be able to process your transcript until all Course Equivalency Forms have been uploaded for your classes taken abroad. 

Who does what at Pace (concerning courses taken during study abroad)

  • OSA - has the sole authorization to determine credit values for courses taken abroad
  • Department Chairs - have the sole authority to identify a Pace equivalent course for a foreign course taken abroad
  • Academic Advisors - determine how courses fit in with a student's degree plan. (They can also approve open electives when there’s a direct Pace equivalent.)

It is your responsibility to obtain your course equivalencies for courses taken during study abroad, and Education Abroad will support you with the process. You will not be able to graduate from Pace without taking these steps!