Student exploring his surroundings while studying abroad.

Non-Credit International Group Travel

Pace’s Education Abroad Department supports Pace faculty, staff, and students in their Pace-sponsored international travel. Pace University approves study abroad in U.S. Department of State (DoS) Travel Advisory Level 1-2 countries. This page outlines Pace’s protocol for non-credit bearing program participation:

Examples of Pace Non-Credit Bearing International Travel Include (But Are Not Limited To) the Following

  • Travel abroad for conferences
  • Travel abroad for research purposes
  • Travel abroad organized by a Pace-registered student group
  • Travel abroad as part of a Pace athletic team
  • Travel abroad related to musical or theatrical performances
  • Travel abroad as part of a volunteer or service-learning program

How Pace Education Abroad Can Support International Activities

  • We vet the destination for health and safety risks
  • We talk with the faculty/staff leader about any risks and support them in best practices leading groups abroad
  • We lead a (virtual) pre-departure orientation session for the group (on a date of the faculty/staff leader’s choosing)
  • We provide helpful resources to support students (U.S. Dept of State Travel Advisories, CDC Health Advisories)
  • We share our “Faculty-Led Programs Handbook” as an additional resource for faculty/staff leaders
  • We will do one of the following (depending on the type of program):
  • We arrange international emergency insurance coverage through the Pace-approved insurance carrier (at a cost of $62 per student, for 1 month of coverage).
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, we work with our internal Pace protocol to provide guidance and assistance
  • We can also support the promotion of your program on our digital platforms

Faculty Leader/Staff Responsibilities

  • Inform their Dean or division head about the international travel, and meet with the appropriate administrator within your entity to discuss your program and obtain approval. Departments/colleges may have an internal deadline and additional documentation requirements
  • Register the travel on the Pace Travel Registry for Pace-sponsored international travel. This information that will help Pace support students and staff in case of an emergency while abroad. (Alternatively, Education Abroad can instruct students to register themselves, but leaders must ensure that this done.)
  • Provide Education Abroad with details about the program, including travel dates, destinations, flight info, hotels, and on-site contact information (cell phone numbers)
  • Determine all financial arrangements with their appropriate division head and budget rep (if Pace funds are to be used to support the travel)
  • Ensure compliance & risk management; all international programs using a third-party vendor/agency are required to submit the contract/invoice for approval to the Pace Legal Counsel for review and approval
  • Ensure that all on-the-ground travel aligns with local health and safety guidelines
  • Provide Education Abroad with details about the program – including travel dates, destinations, flight info, hotels, and on-site contact information (cell phone numbers)



  • After your group’s travel is confirmed from your Dean or division head, please inform Education Abroad no later than 2 months prior to your group’s departure date

Note: Pace may impose additional requirements for faculty, staff, or students seeking to travel to destinations where health, safety, or security risks are determined to be significant and require unusual caution and risk mitigation strategies.