Student exploring his surroundings while studying abroad.

Summer and January Programs

January Intersession and Summer 2024 Study Abroad

Many of Pace's partners abroad offer short-term study opportunities in the summer and/or January Intersession. Visit the links below to explore the programs. The recommended programs listed below are a subset of those available to students.

Pace students wishing to do a Summer or January study abroad program must apply FIRST through Pace's "Terra Dotta" study abroad portal, and THEN (after being accepted by Pace) students must apply directly to the host institution.

Application Deadlines

  • September 20, 2024: January Intersession programs
  • March 15, 20254: Summer programs

This 2-minute video provides an overview of the study abroad process at Pace:


January Intersession and Summer program fees (tuition, fees, housing) are the responsibility of the student and are paid directly by the student to the host institution/program provider. At Pace, the $100 Study Abroad Fee and the fee for mandatory International Travel Insurance are billed to the student's Pace account. Any out-of-pocket expenses (airfare, meals, visas, etc.) are paid by the student.

Financial Aid for Summer Program Participation: Federal Aid Only

Federal Financial Aid applies to Summer study abroad programs if the student is enrolled full-time for summer (full-time = 6 credit hours); a separate Summer Loan application is required. In order for Pace students going abroad on a Summer program to receive Financial Aid, they must follow these steps:

  • First, the student must obtain a bill from the host school abroad.
  • Next, the student must complete a "Consortium Agreement" – a brief agreement between the host school (abroad) and your home school (Pace University). This allows Pace to administer Federal Financial Aid to the host school.
  • Pace’s Education Abroad and Financial Aid Departments will help walk students through this process.
  • Note: Pace institutional aid (scholarships/grants) and Pace tuition remission do not apply to Summer Study Abroad programs.

Financial Aid for January Program Participation: No Financial Aid Applies

Students participating in January Intersession programs must pay all program costs without relying on the use of financial aid – since federal, state, and Pace institutional aid cannot be applied directly to January programs. However, it may be possible to increase the amount of student loans to help pay for program costs. (Note that the disbursement of an increased loan will happen towards the beginning of the Spring semester, after the conclusion of the January Intersession program. This means that the student must pay for all program costs before being reimbursed by the loan disbursement.) Contact Pace Financial Aid for more information.


The maximum enrollment is 8 U.S. credits for Summer I and 8 U.S. credits for Summer II. The maximum enrollment is 4 U.S. credits for January Intersession. Pace students are not permitted to take more than 8 credits total during a summer term or 4 credits total during a January Intersession term.

  • Students are not permitted to take courses at Pace (in-person or online) during the same Pace Session in which they are studying abroad.
  • Students studying abroad during January Intersession should be aware that the number of credits taken abroad will factor into the courseload for Spring semester. For example, if a January study abroad student is taking 4 U.S. credits abroad, they may not take more than 14 U.S. credits during the Spring semester immediately following their time abroad. If they do, they must pay extra tuition, because they will be considered to be taking over 18 U.S. credits during the Spring semester.

Featured January Programs



  • Paris: American Business School of Paris


South Korea

  • Seoul: Worldstrides: Korea University
  • Seoul: Worldstrides: Yonsei University


Featured Summer Programs

Pace partners with universities and providers to offer summer study abroad opportunities. Below is a list of featured programs. Explore the summer study abroad options by clicking this link: Explore Your World: Search Study Abroad Programs

Czech Republic





  • Goa: Understanding a Globalized World - Pace's Dr. Sonia Suchday co-teaches a psychology and health interdisciplinary course in a beautiful coastal city. (Summer 2024 program cancelled due to under-enrollment)



The Netherlands


South Korea


Pace's College of Health Professions offers summer programs abroad for CHP graduate students through Child Family Health International (CFHI) — in various destinations

Pace also offers numerous Faculty-Led Programs – courses taught and led by Pace Professors abroad, some of which include study abroad in the summer!