Student exploring his surroundings while studying abroad.

Transfer Students

Study Abroad for Transfer Students

As a transfer student at Pace, we encourage you to study abroad – regardless of major, class standing, or foreign language experience. Careful planning with your Academic Advisor is essential in order to map out a course plan that includes a semester or short-term program abroad. So start planning early!

As a Pace Study Abroad student, you can:

  • earn Pace academic credit towards your degree
  • take courses abroad in your major, minor, or AOKs (and fulfill language requirements) – with approval by your academic department
  • take your financial aid with you
  • be more competitive post-graduation, by gaining intercultural fluency and soft skills that employers want
  • expand your networks

Types of study abroad programs

  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad: Faculty-led courses offer a credit-bearing study abroad experience that's organized and led by Pace University faculty. They’re a good option for transfer students who may be concerned about meeting their major requirements or only have a few semesters at Pace. They’re also a great way to get to know other students from Pace through an immersive experience abroad.
  • Semester programs
  • Summer programs


  • Transfer students are eligible to study abroad on a semester program after completing 1 full semester (Fall or Spring) on campus at Pace. Students may begin the application process during their first semester on campus.
  • Transfer students are eligible to study abroad on a Faculty-Led program during their first semester at Pace.
  • For semester programs, most of Pace's Partner schools abroad require at least 2 semesters of academic grades from a U.S. university. Therefore, you'll need to submit an official transcript either from Pace or your previous institution showing proof of 2 semesters of grades.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of application.
  • At least 50% of the credits required to complete a major at Pace must be earned at Pace. Credits that exceed Pace University residency requirements for your declared major will not be transferred - including those earned abroad.
  • Your Pace Academic Advisor will give you more details about what you must take on campus at Pace vs. what you can take abroad.

What should I do next?

Talk to your Pace Academic Advisor. Questions to ask:

  • Which classes must I take on campus at Pace for my major?
  • Which core or major requirements can I take abroad, if any? (remember that 50% of your major credits must be done at Pace!)
  • Which pre-requisite courses do I need to take and how will study abroad impact this?
  • How many elective credits do I have remaining in my major?

Attend an “Abroad 101” info session at Pace Education Abroad. You’ll learn about the programs Pace offers, your responsibilities as a Pace student abroad, how to get credit for courses taken overseas, and how to find the right study abroad journey for you. Change your Pace – study abroad!

"As a transfer student, I attended a Study Abroad Fair after arriving at Pace – to learn more about studying in the Czech Republic. Working with Pace Study Abroad, my Academic Advisor, and the Pace Partner in Prague (Anglo-American University), I was able to plan my studies and courses taken abroad in order to graduate on time. Studying abroad was an eye-opening experience for me, offering a unique way to learn about a new culture – as well as teach others about mine."

~ Luke B., Class of 2019, Dyson, BA Economics & History