Student exploring his surroundings while studying abroad.

Alcohol and Drugs

Pace University allows responsible drinking if you are legally allowed to drink in your host country. Illegal, irresponsible drinking, and/or misbehaving while drinking are violations of Pace University’s policy.

Students traveling or studying abroad in university-sanctioned programs remain under the jurisdiction of Pace policies, rules, and regulations found in the Student Handbook - University Policies, Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. They are also under the jurisdiction of the codes of conduct of the international partner or provider. Program participation may be terminated for violations of either policy with the subsequent loss of credits and of tuition payment, and possible disciplinary action upon their return to campus.

Pace University has a no tolerance approach to drug use while abroad. Students using drugs abroad may immediately be removed from the program at their own cost.

If You Choose to Drink or Use Other Drugs in a Foreign Country

  • Many countries have laws regarding alcohol and other drug use that are more severe than laws in the United States. If you break the law, there is little that Pace University or the U.S. government can do for you.
  • Your consumption of alcohol or another drug, and/or your behavior while under the influence, might lead to a violation of local laws in addition to program and University conduct codes.
  • Remember - you are representing yourself but also your program, the U.S., and Pace University.