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The Education Abroad office works to support veteran students who want to participate in a study abroad experience. We'll work with you to try to find a program that fits your academic, personal, and professional goals while meeting the VA’s requirements for receipt of benefits applicable to study abroad. However, the options may be limited and we cannot guarantee participation on any specific program. In general, your best option will be to study abroad for the Fall semester at an Exchange partner program.

How does it work?

If you're interested in using your VA benefits to assist in payment of a study abroad program, you must plan ahead. You'll need to work closely with the Pace Director of Veteran Services (and Pace Education Abroad) to find a program that fits the requirements of the VA, your financial benefits from the VA, and your study abroad goals. You will also need to reach out to the School Certifying Official at the host institution abroad to see what their particular policy is regarding VA benefits.

If a study abroad program is found that meets the criteria, the VA will probably cover tuition costs only. Other study abroad-related fees (such as housing, flights, and personal expenses) may not be covered. If you are approved by the VA to participate on a study abroad program, the federal government will normally pay Pace’s foreign partner institution offering the courses directly (though there are exceptions).

Your VA Certifying Official (at the host institution abroad) must assist you in determining what, if any, the VA can cover.

In general, there are several conditions that must be met:

  • Faculty-Led Programs:
  • Semester or Summer Programs:
    • You must select a VA-approved foreign institution.
    • It will be best to study abroad for the Fall semester at an Exchange partner program.
      If studying abroad in the Spring semester or full academic year, students must check to ensure that VA benefits will cover you for the duration of the program abroad
    • Students attend the foreign institution using a Parent/Guest Letter
    • Students enroll as visiting students at the foreign university
    • You must be enrolled in courses that apply to your degree program.
    • The courses at the "host" school abroad must be approved.
    • BAH: please note the monthly BAH rate on a study abroad will be based on the monthly international rate of $1,789 (which is less than at Pace New York City and Pleasantville).
    • Students cannot study abroad through third-party study abroad providers, i.e., CEA, TEAN, SIT.

What's next?

If you're a veteran (or dependent of a veteran) and you're interested in studying abroad, the first step is to attend an Abroad 101 session - offered twice weekly through Pace Education Abroad.

  • Your next step is to search for study abroad programs on Pace’s study abroad Terra Dotta portal.
  • After that, make an appointment with Pace’s Veteran Services Office to discuss if and how you may apply your benefits to your desired study abroad program.
  • Once it's confirmed that you are eligible to use your benefits to study abroad, submit an application on Terra Dotta.

Contact Information

Email the Education Abroad Office:

For assistance with Veteran Benefits, contact:

Pace Veteran Services

You can also reach out to VA Educational Services at (888) 442-4551 with questions.