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Semester Abroad in Thailand & Vietnam

I chose to study abroad in Thailand and Vietnam because I’d never been to Asia and I wanted to experience a culture other than my own. Studying abroad has deepened my Pace education simply by letting me have a hands-on experience while learning, which is more suitable to my learning needs. In terms of my international outlook, the program has exposed me to different ideas.

I’ve grown as a person from this experience and definitely believe that my experience abroad has strengthened my soft skills that employers are looking for because I’ve been put in many situations where I’ve been the one in charge of making sure things are getting done. I think my study abroad experience will make me stand out to employers because they will perceive me as an individual who isn’t afraid to take risks, is independent and willing to learn. With my study abroad experience, I believe I’ll be able to go very far with my career and pursue a lifestyle different than I planned, and I am more than ready for that experience.


Semester Abroad in Australia

When thinking about studying abroad, you’re really taking your experience into your own hands and it’s up to you to shape what your experience will be. It was my first time being truly independent about a major life decision, and I saw my confidence and independence continue to grow as I spent my semester there living on my own for the very first time. I had opportunities of a lifetime while I was in Australia, and my experiences went far beyond the classroom. I hiked so many mountains and rainforests that I’ve lost count. I met so many people of varying backgrounds and have connections in over 10 countries. I learned how to be flexible, creative, and adaptable. I now feel confident enough to be taking new leadership roles that will help me greatly when I apply for professional jobs.

I’m so lucky to have had this opportunity and experience, and I can’t imagine my undergraduate career without it. I have a new desire to continue traveling, and to see as many places and immerse myself in as many cultures as I can. To understand what’s going on in the world, you have to see the world and what an amazing adventure that is. There’s absolutely nothing to lose but your old mindset.


Semester Abroad in Spain

Going to school in Spain not only helped with my language skills and got me out of my comfort zone, but it also gave me a better understanding of the world. From this experience, I know that it will make me more marketable in the job circuit. During my five months in Spain, I grew into a person I could have only dreamed of being. I can travel wherever and know that I can adapt to any environment I am put into. In my future travels, I hope to grow more and more, with the more cultures I am immersed in and the people I meet.


Faculty-led program in Italy

When I started at Pace I didn’t think studying abroad was in the cards for me, and now I can't imagine my Pace experience without it. I participated on a faculty-led program entitled “Rome: the Eternal City” with Dr. Hundersmarck, and Rome absolutely stole my heart.

Studying abroad has made me more confident, more independent, and a little bit adventurous which is saying a lot for me because I tend to be on the cautious side. But you spend time on your own, you talk to new people, you try new things. It's exciting, and if you do it you’ll feel like you can take on anything. It taught me that I was more capable than I was giving myself credit for, and I also found something I really enjoy – learning about different cultures, and trying new things (but most of all gelato). I highly recommend that you add studying abroad to your Pace Path because who knows what it will do for you.


Semester Abroad in The Netherlands

My experience abroad in The Netherlands was a monumental time in my life that I will never forget. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn't sure if I was going to stand out or fit in because I was a foreigner. I didn’t know if I would find friends that I would enjoy hanging around. All in all, I was extremely nervous. As the weeks went by, I began to adapt to the Dutch culture. I started biking every day, carrying plastic bags to go grocery shopping, eating just plain bread and cheese. After 3 months, I became a full-time Dutchie.

My university abroad had almost 30,000 students and the curriculum was much different than the one at Pace. I had to adapt to a different learning style, but I was ready for the challenge. I met many people from all across Europe and gained lifelong friendships. The Netherlands opened my eyes to count my blessings, and I am so thankful for the 6 unforgettable months abroad.


Semester Abroad in Spain

Studying in Barcelona was an experience I will never forget – with experiences that will stick with me, people I will hold close to me, and memories that I will hold onto forever. It forced me to open my eyes and appreciate the lives of others. Aside from my very important academic takeaways, my perspective on life changed, my confidence changed, and my knowledge evolved.

I strangely had never felt more like myself, more excited about each day, and more happy when I was living in Barcelona. I felt like every day was a new lesson, a new place to see, a new professor to be influenced by. The classes, the lessons, the people, the culture, and the memories you will make will be unlike any other. My global perspective was definitely widened, and I gained many international communication skills. I learned how to engulf myself into a completely different culture and do so in a respectful and appreciative way. I will hold everything that I saw, conquered, learned, and taught with me forever. It opened my eyes to the world around me. This is a lesson that I don’t believe I could have ever learned in a classroom. Study abroad helped me become the better and brighter me.


Semester Abroad in France

My semester experience shaped my perspective, confidence, educational drive, and especially my direction in life. After graduation, I intend to apply to jobs abroad to build an international career. I better understand my place in this world and want to make much more of an impact. I now have this drive to continue to learn and challenge myself firsthand. It is a myth that you’ll thrive your entire time abroad; every new experience comes with challenges that will require you to take action – or have patience. All my insecurities were reduced by revealing strengths such as problem-solving, self-reliance, and communication.

I decided to make Study Abroad a part of my educational journey and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I lived the most magical months of my life while exploring the European continent, as I earned university credits for my degree back home. I discovered that learning is not measured only through numerical scores but much more than that. All the history pages that were once folklore in my head turned into reality and forever changed my perspective of the world. I would go back and let the world change me all over again.


Multiple study abroad programs

“For me, traveling is the gift of my dreams… that leads to friendships, fond memories, and being challenged to look at the bigger picture of my inner-self.” Global citizenship is everything to David (a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Pace, with a degree in Political Science & Peace Justice Studies) - he participated on multiple study abroad programs during his years at Pace - in Quito, Ecuador; Barcelona, Spain; and Berlin, Germany. He also participated in a Global Challenges course in Switzerland, and was a delegate at a Model UN conference in Rome. His experiences have enhanced his skills towards independence. As a neurodiversity advocate, David wants other autistic students to know that travel is meant to be unpredictable. "Striving with courage is how you persevere."


Semester Abroad in Czech Republic

As a transfer student, I attended a Study Abroad Fair after arriving at Pace – to learn more about studying in Prague. Working with Pace Study Abroad, my Academic Advisor, and the Pace Partner in Prague (Anglo-American University), I was able to plan my studies and courses taken abroad in order to graduate on time. Studying abroad was an eye-opening experience for me, offering a unique way to learn about a new culture – as well as teach others about mine.