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Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led courses offer a credit-bearing study abroad experience that's organized and led by Pace University faculty. Nearly 20 faculty-led courses are offered annually! However, Pace's Faculty-Led study abroad courses are cancelled for the 2020-2021 Academic Year due to COVID-19.


Dr. Sonia Suchday is offering a January online 3-credit Psychology Elective course – UG PSY296N – Psychology of Health, Well-Being, and Happiness: Biopsychosocial, Cultural, & Spiritual Perspectives. Though this year the travel portion to India was cancelled due to COVID-19, Dr. Suchday is offering a virtual version. Register through your MyPace Portal and contact Dr. Suchday with any questions about the course.

Spring 2021 Programs are cancelled (due to COVID-19)

Covid-19 Considerations

We understand that students may be hesitant about applying for a faculty-led courses (with travel abroad) due to the global COVID-19 situation. Fall 2021 Faculty-Led courses feature study abroad in January 2022. We recommend that you complete your application for the Faculty-Led course you are interested in, and also select a backup Pace course on campus; this would protect you in case the evolving COVID-19 situation affects international travel (which could involve a course cancellation over the summer). If a faculty-led course is cancelled by Pace due to an ongoing COVID-19 threat, the $500 deposit will be returned to students.

Steps to Study Abroad on a Faculty-Led Program

We recommend that students complete their application for their selected Fall 2021 faculty-led course and also select a back-up Pace course on campus (to protect students in case COVID-19 continues to affect international travel).

  • Attend a 30-minute "Study Abroad 101" info session through Pace Education Abroad (to learn about the process).
  • Research the many faculty-led study abroad programs listed below.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor (to review your academic track, class flexibility, and plans to study abroad in relation to your graduation & major/minor requirements). Contact the course's Faculty Leader directly for academic-related questions.
  • Apply for your chosen faculty-led program (by clicking on the program link below, and then clicking on the blue "Apply Now" button). Wait to be notified by Education Abroad about acceptance.
  • If you've been accepted into the program, make a non-refundable $500 deposit* to secure your spot on the program, via the study abroad application portal (Terra Dotta). *If a faculty-led course is cancelled by Pace due to an ongoing COVID-19 threat, the $500 deposit will be returned to students.
  • Once the deposit is received, Education Abroad will register you for the course in Banner.
  • Follow the instructions sent to you by Education Abroad about next steps.
  • Attend all pre-departure classes at Pace, including the orientation organized by Education Abroad, and apply for visas (if applicable).
  • Note: do not purchase airfare or make travel plans connected with your faculty-led program, until advised to do so by Pace Education Abroad.

Costs associated with Faculty-Led Programs:

In addition to Pace tuition, students pay (1) a Program Fee for the overseas component, and (2) a $100 Study Abroad Fee. A $500 non-refundable deposit* — payable to Pace Education Abroad, via the student's application in Terra Dotta (the study abroad application portal) — is required to secure participation on a faculty-led program and be registered in the course by Education Abroad. The Program Fee and the $100 Study Abroad Fee are billed to the student's OSA account upon course registration. The $500 deposit will appear as a credit towards the Program Fee on the student’s OSA account. Out-of-pocket expenses (airfare, visas, some meals, etc.) are not included in the Program Fee and are the responsibility of the student. See here for scholarships. Student are subject to Pace University's Tuition Cancellation Policy

Previous Faculty-Led Programs:

2020 Faculty-Led Programs: PROGRAMS CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

January 2020 Study Abroad

Fall 2019 Semester with January 2020 Study Abroad

Summer 2019 Study Abroad

Spring 2019 Semester Courses (with Spring or Summer Study Abroad)

  • China: ACC675 International Accounting, Lubin Field Study
  • China: MGT347B or MGT 630 or INB670A International Management, Lubin Field Study
  • Denmark & Sweden: MAR356 or MAR680H International Marketing, Lubin Field Study
  • Costa Rica: LIT212F, Global Crossings: Gathering Monteverde Oral Histories
  • Costa Rica: Independent Study Elective in Nursing, or Communications Sciences & Disorders, and Health Science
  • Ecuador: EDU 696E/TCH 296E, Ecuador with a Cause: Service Learning & Cultural Program
  • England: Public Administration PAA644, Seminar in Government Management: Local Government in the U.K.
  • Greece: Literature LIT 211Y, The Modern Odyssey
  • Hawaii: MCA254/655 Producing the Documentary- Living on the Edge in Paradise
  • Italy: Education EDU296Q/696Q Following in the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers
  • Italy: Interdisciplinary & Religious Studies INT197G & RES101

A selection of previous Pace Faculty-Led Programs:

  • Argentina & Chile — FIN360/680V: International Finance, Lubin Field Study
  • Belgium & England — MAR356: Lubin Field Study
  • Belize — Nursing Elective Service-Learning
  • Brazil — MGT347: Lubin Field Study
  • Bulgaria — PAPE251: International Performance Experience
  • China — MGT347B or MGT 630 or INB 670A: Management, Lubin Field Study
  • Costa Rica — BIO301/ART271: Collaboration & Consilience
  • Costa Rica — ENG223F: Writing About Culture
  • Costa Rica — NUR 395: Communications, Science, and Disorders & Health Science
  • Costa Rica — SPA101/102
  • Croatia — PAPE251: International Performance Ensemble
  • Cuba — MCA254/655: Producing the Documentary, Sustainability in Cuba
  • Denmark & Sweden — MAR356 or MAR680H: Lubin Field Study
  • England — HIS201 Honors: The Building of England (in London)
  • England — PAA644: Seminar in Government Management, Local Government in the UK (in Oxford)
  • France — PSY296/651: Understanding a Globalized World (in Paris)
  • Germany — MGT345, or International Business INB 670E, European Business Management
  • Greece — PHI297G/196B Honors: Ancient Greek Philosophy and Literature
  • Greece — LIT211Y: The Modern Odyssey
  • India — FIN360/680V: Lubin Field Study
  • India — NUR350: Child Health Nursing/NUR 476 Community & Environmental Health Nursing
  • India — PSY296K/651O: Understanding a Globalized World/NUR 299 Cross-Cultural Study: Health Care Delivery Systems
  • Italy — EDU200Q/696Q: Following the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers
  • Italy — INT197G & RES101: Rome the Eternal City
  • Japan — MAR356R/680R: Lubin Field Study
  • Netherlands — NUR395: Nursing Elective
  • Poland — PAGE271: Cultural Travel Experience
  • Puerto Rico — MCA254/655 Producing the Documentary: "Bent But Not Broken"
  • Spain — SPA101/102 & SPA280/283 (in Alicante)
  • Switzerland — International Model UN Conferences