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What are faculty-led study abroad programs?

Faculty-led study abroad programs are Pace courses taught by Pace professors that feature a study abroad component. They are linked to a for-credit semester course with a short-term overseas program during January, spring, or summer. It is an extraordinary opportunity for experiential learning abroad with Pace faculty and classmates. The travel portion varies in length from 1-3 weeks. Learn more about Pace faculty-led study abroad programs.

What are the advantages of doing a faculty-led program?

There are so many benefits to participating in study abroad! You’ll earn credit towards your degree while having a unique experience in a foreign culture. Combining strong academics and real-world experiences, study abroad helps make students more market-ready upon graduation.

Participating in a faculty-led course abroad is a special opportunity to take your learning outside of the classroom with an experienced Pace professor, and travel together with Pace classmates. The overseas portion of the course takes place during January, spring, or summer break so you won’t miss out on anything back on campus during the semester or need to take too much time away from work or family commitments. Financially, the shorter program is one of our most affordable study abroad options; there’s no additional tuition costs and there are many scholarships available to help cover the program fee for the travel component. Faculty-led programs are also a good option for those considering a longer study abroad experience, but you want to see if you’ll like it first.

Within the short time abroad, a faculty-led program can enrich your

  • critical thinking
  • cross-cultural communications skills
  • intercultural awareness
  • academic performance
  • language learning
  • professional development
  • social life at Pace (by meeting new Pace classmates)

By studying abroad, you’ll problem solve, develop a deeper global outlook and tolerance for ambiguity, and collaborate with people with diverse backgrounds – paramount for today’s graduates. You’ll be experiencing a whole world of adventures and gain new insights, experiences, and friends.

How might COVID-19 impact my study abroad plans?

Beginning Fall 2021, all Pace students studying abroad will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to travel. As countries continue to impose new COVID-related entry requirements, we anticipate that the vaccine will be required to enter your overseas host country; country exit/entry rules vary and are subject to change at any time. The safety and security of Pace participants will always be our top priority.

Education Abroad consistently monitors all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warnings; U.S. State Department travel advisories; travel restrictions from countries abroad; and, we consult with Pace’s Leadership and Risk Management Teams, as well as our partners abroad. We strongly advise that study abroad applicants don’t purchase flights connected to your faculty-led program until advised to do so by Pace Education Abroad. We recommend that you complete your application for the Faculty-Led course you are interested in and also select a backup Pace course on campus; this would protect you in case the evolving COVID-19 situation affects international travel (which could involve a course cancellation over the summer). If a faculty-led course is cancelled by Pace due to an ongoing COVID-19 threat or due to under-enrollment, the $500 deposit, $100 Study Abroad fee, and any of the remaining Program Fee that has been paid will be returned to the students’ Pace account.

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Eligibility and How to Apply

Who is eligible to participate in a faculty-led program?

All Pace students are welcome to apply for a faculty-led course if they meet the standard requirements of a minimum 2.5 GPA and clear disciplinary check. Each course may have specific requirements (i.e., prerequisites), which can be found under the Academics tab of each faculty-led program’s brochure page in the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta).

Can graduate students do faculty-led programs?

Yes. Grad students are welcome to participate on many of the faculty-led programs offered at Pace. Read more about which programs offer grad sections on the Faculty-Led website or the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta).

Can I participate in a faculty-led program as a Pace international student?

Yes. However, international students at Pace who want to study abroad must consult with Pace International Students & Scholars to ensure that you will maintain your F-1 status.

How do I apply for a faculty-led program?

Get started by researching programs on the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta), and click ‘Apply Now’ for your selected program. The application has two parts: Pre-Decision and Post-Decision. Once you complete the Pre-Decision documents, Education Abroad will review your application, along with a GPA and disciplinary check. (For some programs, additional approval by the professor is required.) You will be notified of your acceptance by email and then you will move on to the Post-Decision part. This includes electronically signing documents and paying a $500 non-refundable deposit. Your deposit payment lets us know you’re committed and secures your spot in the course, which is on a first-come, first-served basis. Education Abroad will then register you in the respective course.

Our office accepts applications on a rolling basis during the faculty-led application period until the priority deadline, which coincides with Pace’s general course registration. After the priority deadline, we welcome students to apply on a space-available basis.

How do I register for a faculty-led course?

Unlike other Pace courses where you register yourself during the registration period, Education Abroad will register you in the course with the respective CRN, once your study abroad application and deposit are complete. Start an application in the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta).

Are there limited spaces on faculty-led programs?

The number of spots varies depending on the program and can fill up quickly, so it’s a good idea to apply early. The application is made up of two parts, including a $500 non-refundable deposit. Your completed application and deposit payment lets Pace know you’re committed and secures your spot in the course, which is first come, first served. Education Abroad will register you in the course.

How far in advance should I begin planning?

It’s always a great idea to plan as early as possible to fit in a study abroad experience during your time at Pace! Start by letting your Academic Advisor know that you are interested in a study abroad experience. This allows you the greatest flexibility in your preparations. Also, scholarship applications are typically due earlier than program applications. Faculty-led applications for the upcoming semester usually open a few months before Pace course registration. The priority deadline coincides with course registration. We welcome students to apply on a space-available basis after the priority deadline.

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Does my faculty-led study abroad course grade matter?

Yes. Pace faculty-led courses are Pace courses and therefore fall under Pace’s academic policies, like your other semester classes.

How will my faculty-led course be structured?

The faculty-led course will operate like other Pace courses, where you will receive academic instruction from your professor. There will be a number of mandatory class meetings at Pace during the semester before you go abroad. For Fall semester faculty-led courses, the overseas trip takes place in January. For Spring, the travel portion may take place during Spring break or Summer.

How much of the academic work for this class is done abroad?

It varies, depending on the program and Faculty Leader. Most programs hold class meetings (in-person or online) with associated deliverables during the semester before you depart on the travel portion. The international trip is a unique opportunity to gain significant understanding for the material you are studying while in the field. If you have questions about academics, email your professor directly.

Do I need to know the professor before signing up for the course?

No! Pace professors who teach faculty-led study abroad courses are not only experts in their fields; they’re particularly passionate about leading students abroad on an immersive, meaningful experience outside the classroom. Just as when you are signing up for other classes, you should understand how the course fits into your Pace academic plan. Reach out to the Faculty Leader directly with academic questions.

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Costs and Finances

How much does a faculty-led program cost?

Because Pace faculty-led courses are for credit, you’ll pay your usual Pace tuition for the semester (assuming you aren’t over 18 credits for the term). Student are subject to Pace University's Tuition Cancellation Policy. In addition to Pace tuition, students pay:

  • (1) Program Fee for the overseas component, of which $500 will be due as a non-refundable deposit within 2 weeks of acceptance into the program. This deposit, which is payable via your study abroad application, indicates your commitment and secures your spot. The due date for the remaining amount of the Program Fee, which is billed to your Pace student account, coincides with your semester payment.
  • (2) $100 Study Abroad Fee, billed to your Pace student account.

Out-of-pocket expenses (airfare, visas, some meals, etc.) are not included in the Program Fee and are the responsibility of the student. You can view an estimated budget sheet for your program under the Costs/Scholarships tab of the program page on the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta). The costs outlined are an approximation, which varies depending on your personal spending habits and individual needs. See here for scholarships.

What does my Program Fee cover?

Program Fee inclusions vary by program, but most include housing, some meals, group transportation abroad, field trips, and group activities for the overseas portion. Out-of-pocket expenses (airfare to/from the program location, visas, some meals, etc.) are not included in the Program Fee and are the responsibility of the student. You can view an estimated budget sheet for the program under the Costs/Scholarships tab of the program page on the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta). The costs outlined are an approximation, which varies depending on your personal spending habits and individual needs. See here for scholarships. Student are subject to Pace University's Tuition Cancellation Policy.

How do I pay my $500 deposit?

You’ll make the deposit payment via credit card through the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta) where you created your application. Log in and find the “material” called “$500 Non-Refundable Program Fee Deposit (Click Here to Pay)”. Follow these directions: “Pay Now - $500” by credit card through a secure system. When the payment has gone through, you’ll see a checkmark on your study abroad application.

How do I know what to budget extra for?

You can view an estimated budget sheet for the program under the Costs/Scholarships tab of the program page on the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta). The costs outlined are an approximation, which varies depending on your personal spending habits and individual needs.

Can I use financial aid to cover the cost of the program?

Each Faculty-Led course has a specific Program Fee (for the overseas component), in addition to Pace tuition. Your Financial Aid goes towards your regular term’s Pace Tuition and includes Pace scholarships and grants; Federal and State aid; and outside scholarships you may receive. However, Financial Aid does not apply to the faculty-led course Program Fee or any out-of-pocket costs like airfare. If you need additional assistance with financing the costs associated with the faculty-led course, families may apply for a Federal Parent PLUS loan; you, as the student, may apply for an Alternative Bank loan.

Are there scholarships for faculty-led programs?

There are scholarships for study abroad, and some are specific to Pace faculty-led programs. Read our Scholarships page for more information about scholarships offered by our office, Lubin (international field studies = faculty-led programs), Dyson, and more. Plan your study abroad early, since scholarship application deadlines are early and the process takes time.

Do I get my deposit or program fee back if I withdraw? What about if a program is cancelled by Pace?

If you withdraw from a faculty-led program after paying the $500 deposit, this deposit is non-refundable. If Education Abroad is unable to register you for the associated faculty-led course (due to a Hold on your student account for example), the deposit remains non-refundable. Allowable exceptions to this policy are outlined in your study abroad application.

If you withdraw for any reason after the program is confirmed by Pace and you have paid the program fee in full, Pace would work with the travel provider/host institution to refund any recoverable costs. However, in some cases, a refund of the program fee cannot be given. For this reason, we recommend that students consider purchasing CFAR (cancel for any reason) insurance. If a student withdraws from the course after the drop/add period, students are also subject to Pace University's Tuition Cancellation Policy.

If Pace cancels the overseas component of a faculty-led program due to a threat (i.e., COVID-19) or under-enrollment, the $500 deposit, $100 Study Abroad fee, and any of the remaining Program Fee that has been paid will be returned to the students’ Pace account.

  • Note: If there are outstanding fees on the student's account, the funds returned to the student may automatically be applied to pay the balance. If not, refunds will be processed based on the method that the student has set up with BankMobile. Visit the BankMobile website for more information. If you have questions about a refund, please reach out to the Office of the Registrar and copy the Education Abroad office on your outreach (

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How do I get (or renew) a passport?

For U.S. citizens, information on applying for a new passport (or renewing) can be found on the U.S. State Department website. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your study abroad program’s end date. Passport processing is taking much longer due to COVID-19. Please allow plenty of time for processing, and plan well in advance – especially since you may need to obtain a visa to study abroad with your new passport, which could take several additional weeks.

Do I need a visa to study abroad?

A visa is an official document issued by a foreign country permitting you into the country. Depending on the country(s) you are visiting, your citizenship, and the length of your study abroad program, you may be required to obtain a visa. Due to the short duration of faculty-led programs, most programs don’t require a visa. However, it is your responsibility to research what is needed, and obtain any required visa(s) for travel abroad. International students at Pace who want to study abroad must consult with Pace International Students & Scholars to ensure that you will maintain your F-1 status.

How should I prepare for the overseas portion of the program?

You’ll attend a Pace pre-departure orientation during the semester that offers helpful information and tips to prepare you for your international journey. There’s a Health & Safety section and Travel Resources section on your program’s brochure page in the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta) with valuable information for you to review before departing. Be proactive; do research so you can maximize your time abroad! Get to know your classmates and Faculty Leader(s) who you’ll be traveling with; get excited! Ultimately, this is your study abroad experience!

When should I book airfare to/from the program location?

International airfare to/from the program is not included in the Program Fee and is the responsibility of the student. Because faculty-led programs require a minimum number of enrolled students to run, please do not book your airfare until advised to do so by Pace Education Abroad. At that time, a recommended flight itinerary will be suggested (though it is not required).

How much free time will I have abroad?

Each program is thoughtfully developed to balance your academic learning with an immersive on-the-ground experience. Depending on your faculty-led program, you can expect days filled with visiting cultural sites, meeting professionals at local and international companies, or collaborating side by side with community members. There is also time for you to enjoy on your own and discover what interests you. Sample itineraries based on previous programs may be available on the program brochure page on the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta).

What is the housing arrangement?

Housing arrangements vary by faculty-led program. Read more under the Accommodations tab on your program’s brochure page on the Study Abroad portal (Terra Dotta).

Should I learn the language of the country(s) I'm visiting?

Though not required, it is always a good idea to learn some basic phrases (check out the free app Duolingo) or get a translation app for the language spoken where you will be visiting. Not only will you improve your own knowledge, but it can foster a sense of respect for the local culture and people. Showing that you are trying to use the language can mean a lot!

What happens if there’s an emergency while I’m abroad?

  • In an emergency while studying abroad, first contact your Pace Faculty Leaders or in-country support staff who will likely be best able to assist you at the moment of need because they are on site.
  • Call Pace Security (and you’ll be re-routed to Education Abroad or other Pace University staff): +1 (212) 346-1800
  • Call Pace Education Abroad Department if it's during normal office hours (M-F 9:00 am -5:00 pm): +1 (212) 346-1368.
  • If needed, contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate or the U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Citizens Services. Consular officers are available for emergency assistance 24 hours/day, 7 days/week at (+1) 202-501-4444.
  • Download the free PACE SAFE app before you travel.
  • International emergency travel insurance coverage is included on the Faculty-Led programs.

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After My Program

When will I receive the grade for my course?

Although your faculty-led course may end a few weeks later than your other semester classes (due to timing of the overseas portion), they still fall under Pace’s academic policies. When the faculty-led course ends, the Professor will submit your grade upon your successful completion of the course.

Seniors who participate in their final semester at Pace should consider that an outstanding grade may move their degree conferral to the next graduation period. You may still be able to “walk”, but your diploma may reflect the following graduation term.

Can I travel before and after the Faculty-Led program?

You must arrive on time to join the program when it begins abroad, and you may not depart from the program early for individual travel – otherwise your grade could be in jeopardy. Pace does not require you to take specific flights to or from your faculty-led program destination, although suggested flights will be recommended to you by the Education Abroad office. Remember: do not book airfare or make non-refundable payments until advised to do so by Pace Education Abroad. If you make plans to travel before or after the program, Pace is in no way liable or responsible for your individual travel.

How do I put study abroad on my resume?

Outline the academic components of your studies abroad on your resume: the course you took, presentations you gave, and projects you worked on. But study abroad is more than just learning in a classroom overseas. It's what happens in your daily life abroad, your explorations and cultural encounters, where the most personal growth occurs. These "soft skills" that you'll strengthen during study abroad — intercultural fluency, critical thinking/problem solving, flexibility, adaptability, initiative, cross-cultural communication, working in global teams, self-awareness — are what today's employers are looking for! There is a rising demand from employers for global-ready graduates. Be sure to highlight the diversity of your experiences abroad, that you willingly went out of your comfort zone, and the fact that you succeeded in navigating a new culture, currency, transportation system, language, etc. Include real examples of how you've demonstrated these soft skills in your cover letter, and how you overcame specific challenges abroad. In addition, you can leverage the new friends and contacts you made abroad to network for jobs. For help translating your experience abroad into your future career, visit Career Services at Pace. There are also many on-line resources to guide students in turning their study abroad into a resume builder. Pace Education Abroad holds regular info sessions with Career Services.

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