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Part Time Faculty

Pace University's benefits coverage will be extended to same sex and opposite sex domestic partners of our part time faculty and staff. Benefits for domestic partners will be administered in the same manner, as possible, to the benefits for legally married couples.


To establish the eligibility for benefits of a same sex or opposite sex domestic partner, an affidavit titled "Statement of Domestic Partnership," must be completed by the employee and domestic partner, notarized, and accompanied by supporting documentation confirming financial interdependence and common residency for at least the past 2 continuous years (different documentation to support each).

Access the Statement of Domestic Partnership (PDF).

Benefits Eligibility

Once the domestic partnership is registered with the University Benefits office, the employee’s domestic partner and his/her eligible dependents become eligible to apply for some of the benefits for which a part-time employee is eligible.

Tuition Remission

The same eligibility rules that apply to all employees’ spouses and children will apply to registered domestic partners and their natural and adopted children. Applications for on-campus or off-campus tuition remission benefits may be submitted as of the start of the semester following the date that the domestic partnership was registered with the University Benefits office. On-campus tuition remission, for a registered domestic partner and his/her eligible dependents, is considered to be taxable income to the employee.

Other Benefits

Employees who are not married may name anyone as a life insurance or 403b Plan beneficiary . It is not necessary to register a domestic partner to name him/her as a beneficiary.

Pace University policy language regarding leaves of absence to care for newborn and/or adopted Children or ill family members, or for purposes of death in a family will be extended to include domestic partners and children of domestic partners.

Tax Implications

The Internal Revenue Code does not recognize the tax exemption of benefits extended to domestic partners, as such, there will be certain tax consequences to the employee who enrolls a domestic partner and his/her eligible dependents. In the case of tuition remission for domestic partners and their children, the value of the tuition will be treated as ‘imputed’ or direct income to the employee and taxes will be withheld based on that additional income.

Termination of the Domestic Partnership

The employee must notify the University Benefits office within 31 days of the date that the domestic partner relationship ends and must provide a written statement declaring the dissolution of the partnership, which has been signed/dated by both the employee and his/her former domestic partner and notarized. The domestic partner and his/her dependents will no longer be eligible to participate in University benefits and privileges and must be removed from all applicable University benefit plans.