Choate House on the Pace Pleasantville campus

Academic Federal Credit Union

The Academic Federal Credit Union (AFCU), which was chartered in 1979, is a not for profit financial institution, which provides all the same services as a bank except the money that is earned as profits is accumulated and given back to its members in the form of a dividend.

There are currently fourteen schools in the field of membership, including Manhattan College, New School University, and New York Law School.

The Credit Union offers savings and loan accounts at competitive rates, as well as other additional services, including direct deposit, credit and debit cards, insurance discounts, motor vehicle certificate program, auto loans, and entertainment discounts.

You, your spouse, and children are eligible to join the credit union. This membership may also be extended to other members of the family as defined by the AFCU.

Please contact them at (914) 923-3608 for more information or visit the Academic Federal Credit Union website to learn about their services and join the credit union.