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Awards and Recognitions

Employee Recognition

At Pace University, we value each and every employee. The Employee Recognition program provides an opportunity to formally recognize your many accomplishments. Employee Recognition Ceremonies are usually held on each campus in April, honoring employee milestones and accomplishments from the previous year.

Employee Service Awards

Service Awards are given to employees who have completed 5 to 55 years of service in 5-year increments.

Employee Recognition Annual Special Awards

This is a time to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our talented staff and faculty members.

Recognition 101 Webinars

If you’re a leader, or plan to become one, then this short webinar is definitely for you. Recognition and rewards are two important tools that every leader should have in their tool kit. You’ll learn how recognition and reward can boost employee morale, how to recognize, when you should reward staff, and what type of rewards you should consider. Additional webinar dates will be scheduled soon!