Choate House on the Pace Pleasantville campus

On-Campus Student Employment Procedure

Hiring a Pace University Student for On-Campus Employment

1. Gain Access to the UKG Ready System.

  • If you do not already have access to the UKG Ready System - Careers@ Pace under Administrative Resources on the Staff tab on Pace Portal - submit a ticket to with a cc’ to your Budget Representative as their approval is required. Be sure to include which departments/org code(s) you will need access to.

2. Log into UKG Ready Careers at Pace.

  • There is documentation on "Posting a Student Position" under Training Resources in your UKG Ready dashboard.

3. Receive Applications & Interview Students

  • Interested students will apply by completing an application for your posted position
  • The hiring manager reviews all applications and interview candidates of interest

4. Hiring the Final Candidate(s)

  • Inform the Talent Acquisition Specialist on your campus of your new hire. You should be ready to provide them with a start date and hourly rate. You should also let them know who else, if anyone, was interviewed for the position so that they may status the positions and close them out properly. In Westchester, reach out to your Talent Acquisition Specialist at (914) 923-2730. In New York City, reach out to your Talent Acquisition Specialist at (212) 346-1630.

5. Student Completes New Hire Forms

  • All new employees are required to complete their new-hire paperwork and Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 on or before their first day of work.
  • As soon as the offer letter is sent, the student will receive an email message from Pace University with the subject line including the phrase, “TalentEd Records,” which will provide a link to our online electronic paperwork system.
  • Once all new hire paperwork has been submitted online, they will need to visit the Human Resources office on or before their start date to present original identification in order to complete the new hire process.

    Students cannot begin working until this process has been completed. Failure to submit the forms in a timely manner will result in delay of payment.

6. Paying the Student

  • Once all paperwork is received the employment record will be created, and timesheets will be generated. Please email Financial Information Systems if you have questions about Kronos or the student's timesheet.
  • All hours that the student works must be entered and approved by the supervisor in order for them to be paid. If you do not approve a time sheet the student will not receive payment for the hours that they have worked; therefore it is imperative that you do so in a timely manner.
  • Please contact Financial Information Systems to learn how a student employee may log in and out of their time sheet on their own in order to note their hours worked. A supervisor must still approve these hours at the end of each pay period in the electronic time sheet in order for the student to receive a pay check.