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YES I Make It Happen Recognition Program

Pace University YES award logo that reads Yes I Make it Happen Recognition Program

Program Goal

The goal of the YES I Make It Happen Recognition Program is to support the University's Service Standards Initiative by providing special recognition to Pace full-time and part-time faculty, staff and student workers who exemplify the following:

Pace Values

  • Accessible: Is approachable by being available and open to discussion and new perspectives, practicing active listening and exhibiting positivity.
  • Respectful: Treats people with appreciation and dignity. Respectfully allows for the opinions of others to be heard and acknowledged.
  • Professional: Holds oneself accountable for thoughts, words, and actions, setting high standards for own behavior and communication.
  • Proactive: Takes initiative to engage and volunteer within and outside of own department, identifies problems and solutions, and completes responsibilities with minimal guidance.
  • Accountable: Assumes responsibility for own actions, behaviors, performance, and decisions.

This is intended to be a customer generated recognition which will improve both internal and external customer service.

Such achievements may include:

  • Contributions that have a positive impact on customer service;
  • Extraordinary efforts above and beyond the normal duties of the position;
  • Performance substantially beyond expectation on a specific assignment, task or goal.


All Pace University faculty, staff, both full and part-time, and active student workers are eligible to receive the YES I Make It Happen Reward. The recognition can be given by other staff members, faculty members, students and vendors who work with the faculty, staff and student workers. They can be given on an individual basis, or you may multi-select more than one name for the same nomination, if applicable. Recognition can be given at all levels of positions throughout the University.

To recognize a Pace faculty, staff member or student worker, complete the employee recognition form.

Please use Firefox, Version 12.0 and above as your browser to complete the online form.

Information you will need, to recognize an employee(s)/student worker for outstanding customer service, will include:

  • The faculty, staff member/student worker's name
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The department, company or other affiliation you have with Pace University
  • Why you are recognizing this faculty, staff member or student worker.

All required fields on the form must be filled out completely in order for this to be a legitimate entry.

At the end of each month, a winner will be drawn, from both the New York City and the Westchester campuses, from a pool of employees recognized during the month. Please note: This is a random drawing. Employees are not eligible to win the monthly prize more than once during the year.

The entire pool of employees recognized throughout the year will also be eligible for an annual grand prize, which will be chosen by the Employee Recognition Nomination Committee.

Recognition Awards

Monthly Random Drawing – Four Movie Tickets

Monthly random drawing winners please click the below links for choosing the theater location and email Rosemary Mulry ( with your preference.

Annual Award

Two faculty and/or staff members, and two student employees, one in NYC and one in Westchester, will be selected as winners of the Annual YES I Make It Happen Award. They will be awarded at the Employee Recognition event of their respective campus.