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Monthly YES Recognition Winners

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New York City - January

Margaret Jones, Office of the Registrar, New York

Recognized by Amma Boakye, College of Health Professions, New York:
Margaret Jones has been an absolute lifesaver over the past month. In the face of numerous special circumstances, she has gone above and beyond to ensure that everything is updated for our students. Margaret's tireless dedication and commitment to her work have been nothing short of remarkable. Despite the challenges, she tackles each task with a positive attitude and a constant smile. I am truly grateful for the exceptional effort she has put forth making a significant impact during a crucial time. Margaret's unwavering support and cheerful demeanor have made a tremendous difference and I sincerely appreciate all that she has done to enhance our students' experience.

Westchester - January

Meghan Lindsay, Financial Information Systems (FIS), Westchester

Recognized by Khalea Baker, Human Resources, Westchester:
Thank you to Meghan for solving a technical issue with a new hire! After a frustrating software hiccup, Meghan's positivity solved the new hire's issue and soothed their frazzled nerves!

Yes I Make It Happen Monthly Nominees

All Employees recognized in the month of January 2024 (PDF)

Previous University–Wide Monthly YES Winners

December 2023

Alexander Weisman, Information Technology Services, New York

Recognized by Debbie Zeger, Development and Alumni Relations, New York: Alex has gone above and beyond this year to ensure that our departments needs are met. Our entire department is thankful for all that you do for us.

Jack Sullivan, Information Technology Services, Westchester

Recognized by Michael Falco, Information Technology Services, Westchester: Jack is an outstanding employee in our office. He has demonstrated an incredible amount of professionalism and growth during his time with us. He is constantly proactive in his technical work and is always ensuring client satisfaction in every ticket he handles. Good luck, Jack! Thanks kindly!

November 2023

Zaria Brathwaite, Residential Life, New York

Recognized by Sharne Dillard-Parrish, Residential Life, New York: Zaria has contributed significantly to the success of both the Student Staff of Color Collective and Leaders of Color Collective since 2020. She recently held her first Social Justice Week event facilitating a screening of the movie Annie. Zaria discussed the impact of the foster care system and literacy as well as casting inequities in the entertainment industries. Zaria, we are so proud of your contributions to your alma mater and I cannot wait to see what else you accomplish in the near future!

Rosa Lechuga, Dean’s Office Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, New York*

Recognized by Erica Gonell, Dean’s Office Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, New York: They are accessible and make things happen. Once a person, whether faculty or staff, sends a request to their attention, they research it and process it as soon as reasonably possible despite everything on their plate.

*Arlene Bocskocsky, Jane Ciampi and Cristina Sullivan were also nominated. Rosa Lechuga was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

October 2023

Aly Sansone, Financial Aid, New York

Recognized by Janice Hilbrink, Financial Aid, Westchester: Thank you Aly for being a group leader for the Call Center Solution Center HelpDesk and Support Staff group for our all-Financial Aid Staff Debrief. Your positive, respectful, professional demeanor helped to encourage participation from your group. You are always accessible to help our department when needed and you are proactive and accountable for your work always. You are bright, kind and we are so fortunate to have you on our team. You stepped up as a leader of your group and Make It Happen for our Financial Aid Department! Thank you!

Kellyann Galimi* Human Resources, Westchester

Recognized by Nila Bhaumik, Vice President Human Resources, CHRO, Westchester/New York: Thank you for volunteering to work at the Pleasantville and the NYC Health and Wellness fair. Your contribution and participation made it the successful event that it was, and the Pace community really appreciated it! You are instrumental in making Pace University an "employer of choice" and a great place to work!

*Khalea Baker, Bernadette Baumann, Jose Najarro Conchi, Nydia Delgado, Eugenia Fonseca Turcios, Rosemary Mulry, and Juliana Radovanovich were also nominated. Kellyann Galimi was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

September 2023

Margaret Jones, Office of the Registrar, New York*

Recognized by Sarah Lawry, Student, NYC: Today was the last day to add/drop classes and I wasn't able to get to the service center until two hours before it closed. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Williams did an amazing job helping me finalize my schedule during a stressful day for everyone and they were very useful kind and nice. There were long lines all day and frustrated students however they were all resilient and continued to help us and even make us laugh. Mrs. Jones especially went above and beyond and even offered me snacks because I had been there for a while. Together, they processed my request and I was able to successfully add/drop and as a student here I believe they deserve to be recognized for their help and personalities.

*Vicki Williams, Office of the Registrar, was also nominated. Margaret Jones was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Kimberly Mars, Student Affairs, Westchester

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Assistant Provost for Wellness, Pleasantville/NYC: Todd and I would like to thank you for serving on the University-wide Food Insecurity Committee! We know how much time and effort went into the work you did, and it was incredibly well-received by the President Provost Deans and so many others! More importantly, your work will positively impact our students in need! As you know we are in the process of implementing the key recommendations and it is thanks to everyone's commitment that we have made so much progress already! THANK YOU!!!!

August 2023

Sia Bundor, Human Resources, New York

Recognized by Bernadette Baumann, Human Resources, NYC: Sia worked diligently with me on updating two orientation presentations and presenting the material over a two-day period. Sia did this while assisting me with coverage while two of our staff members were on vacation. Sia was a wonderful co-presenter in both sessions and her expertise was greatly appreciated by Adjuncts and Chairs. The feedback from both sessions has been great. Our team is grateful for her hard work and dedication to our employees.

Recognized by Anna Beskin, Faculty Center, Pleasantville: Bernadette and Sia, thank you for your flexibility, your warmth and your general willingness to help. We couldn't have asked for better presentations on both Tuesday 8/22 and Wednesday 8/23. Truly thank you!

Cathy Raynis Meeker, First-Year Experience, Westchester

Recognized by Jennifer Talbot, New Student Experience and Transitions, Pleasantville: I want to sincerely thank and recognize my three wonderful colleagues Allyson King, Cathy Raynis Meeker and Larry Ruth for all of their kindness and support in taking on numerous projects presentations and work to ensure our students and colleagues were supported Orientation sessions were successful and planning for the Fall semester while I was unexpectedly out of the office. Our department has a small staff and always a tremendous amount of work to do, most of it student-facing and my wonderful colleagues stepped in to support me and take on my work (on top of their own) without hesitation. As if this wasn't reason enough to be incredibly thankful, I am equally grateful for Allyson and Cathy welcoming our colleague Larry in his new role and helping him to become situated and to Larry for immediately jumping in to assist colleagues and students despite having only been in his new role for less than a week! I am truly grateful to each of my colleagues for their kindness, compassion, and expertise. Thank you all so very much!