Choate House on the Pace Pleasantville campus

Monthly YES Recognition Winners

New York City - December

Akash Seeramreddi, Welcome Center, New York City*
Recognized by Renee Brown-Cheng, Undergraduate Admissions, Pleasantville:

Thank you for bringing your A game to our Holiday Event this past Sunday! From greeting the guests, supporting the check-in line, giving PPA and regular tours, you all were instrumental in making the campus come alive. We are so lucky to have all of you as tour guides.

*Jeremiah Williams, Alexandra Vanzwieten, Andie Ironside, Angelina Johnson, Arianna Ferreira, Rebecca Gugliotta, Caitlin Brown, Chris Arredondo, Courtney Koprowicz, Dorey Casey, Emily Alt, Gabriela Hernandez, Isabella Ferrara, Isabelle Labianco, Jacob Selman, Joli Maxwell, Jordan Goins, Kady Patterson, Lucy Niederman, Luke Pearlberg, Marisa Medici and Sadie Lorence were also nominated. Akash Seeramreddi was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Westchester - December

Jessica Kiebler, Mortola Library, Westchester*
Recognized by Jennifer Rosenstein, Birnbaum Library, New York City:

As a member of the Library's cross-campus staff development committee Jessica has made an invaluable contribution to our staff culture. The committee sends out a monthly newsletter with interesting articles and other free professional development opportunities. The work of Jessica and her colleagues is so helpful for keeping us all abreast of important developments in the profession.

*Susan Thomas, Gina Levitan, Ruth Ware, David Callahan, Brendan Plann-Curley and Kristina Bilello were also nominated. Jessica Kiebler was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Yes I Make It Happen Monthly Nominees

All Employees recognized in the month of December 2021 (PDF)

Previous University–Wide Monthly YES Winners

November 2021

Patricia Vogel, NACTEL/PESP, New York City
Recognized by Amy Greis, iPace/Professional Education, Special Programs:

Tricia is an exceptional team member, and her role is crucial to the scheduling of Pace Online courses. While scheduling for the Spring 2022 semester, Tricia not only meticulously submitted the course and faculty information, she made sure the courses had all the proper attributes, dates, etc. and communicated all of the information back to the advisors on the team. To say that she is detail oriented would be an understatement. She is proactive, thinks critically, and is highly responsive and organized. As an advisor on the team, I can honestly say we couldn't do this without her! Thanks Tricia!

Nick Tucker, Residential Life, Westchester*
Recognized by Vinnie Birkenmeyer, Residential Life:

Nick has stepped up to present at two recent campus wide offerings, the 2nd Annual Social Justice Week and the Fall Leadership conference! He tackled important and necessary topics within his presentations and gave students the chance to think critically and define important values while here at Pace. We are lucky to have him on our team!

*Ray White, Jr. was also nominated. Nick Tucker was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

October 2021

Mariajose Romero, Dean’s Office, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, New York City*

Recognized by Tresmaine Grimes, Dean, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences

For leading Dyson through the verification process, which was a very big undertaking and important for Dyson/SOE and Pace. Thank you! The Dean, AD's, and Dyson/SOE team appreciate you.

*Erika Altolaguirre and Martina Blackwood were also nominated. Mariajose Romero was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Lisa Slingerland, NACTEL/PESP, Westchester

Recognized by Nicole Harrow, iPace/PESP

Lisa is a wonderful colleague. She communicates important information and is always available to help and answer questions.

September 2021

Abby Bumpus, Student Assistant, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, New York City*

Recognized by Jasmine Campos, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, New York City/Westchester

This award is long overdue! Shannon, Abby, and James have been working tirelessly to make sure all our staff, student and faculty hires were set for the start of the semester. Shannon is our newest member of the team, but she has proven to be a team player and jump on any tasks assigned. Abby has been an amazing asset to our team and has really developed into a troubleshooting guru. And James, he brings the sunshine and has been able to provide our hires with the best customer service and smile. We would have not been able to get through this season without Shannon, Abby and James. I’m very honored to be working alongside them! Super proud of my team!

*James Huggins and Shannon Nielson, Student Assistant, were also nominated. Abby Bumpus was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Syd Reyes, Student Assistant, Welcome Center Pleasantville, Westchester**

Recognized by Allyson King, Center for Academic Excellence, New York City

Thank you for volunteering at the New York City Welcome Tables ~ the students appreciated having friendly and informative people to welcome them to campus, help guide them and set them up for success!

**Norma Quiridumbay, Rachel Carpenter, Jessica Drennan, Jennifer Rosenstein, Wendy Gonzalez-Canal, Michael Cordova, Kate Torres, Edith Arenas-Rivera, Marisa Medici, Meghan Jordan, Jared Keyes, Jimmy Woods-Corwin, Meagan Mullen, Ruth Ware, Leslie Amodio, Sharne Dillard-parrish, Regina Robinson, Rhea Benjamin, Wayne Petro, Athena Patwary, Sydney Tisch, Kimberly Muellers, Courtney Koprowicz, Matthew Brown, Shannon Haick, Maria Iacullo-Bird, Stacey Butler, Vinny Caprio, Alycia Alvarez, Isabelle Labianco, Sadie Lorence, Richard Shadick, Jane Shmidt, Jemima Fortune, Lindsay Owen, Jade Flanagan, Jeremiah Williams, Kristina Bilello, Susan Ford-Goldschein were also nominated. was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

August 2021

Andrew Coggins, Lubin School of Business, New York City*

Recognized by Jaclyn Kopel, Honors College, New York City

Thank you so much for helping out today with our first day of Welcome Week. We appreciate you giving up some of your time to work with our students. We know the students will be in good hands with you in the fall as well.

*Michelle Deale, Carolyn Endick and Wayne Petro were also nominated. Andrew Coggins was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Jessica Ready-Jackson, Information Technology Services, Westchester

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Office of the Provost/EVP Academic Affairs, New York City/Westchester

Thank you, Jessica, for working so intensively with Len and me to set up our "grade book" and Qwickly the other day! You have the patience of a saint (well, thousands of them!!) and we truly appreciated it!!

July 2021

Mariah Jusino, Office of the Registrar, Westchester

Recognized by Nathan Thienel, Former Student

Extremely efficient and extremely helpful!

Tara Vassallo, English Language Institute, New York City

Recognized by Jeff McIlvenna, English Language Institute, New York City

Professor Vassallo went above and beyond in her work with the English Language Institute to develop and implement a successful workshop despite many changes and last-minute pivots.

June 2021

Renee Brown-Cheng, UG Admissions/Pleasantville, Westchester*

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Office of the Provost/EVP Academic Affairs, New York City/Westchester

Thank you so much for serving as a co-facilitator for our 3rd annual Student Success Summit! Your assistance in this role made all the difference in ensuring the first round of discussions were productive and engaging. And, thank for staying for the remainder of the Summit despite the technical hiccups preventing additional small-group discussions!! The break-out room notes and the comments in the chat will all prove incredibly helpful as we determine which recommendations the various divisions (ideally in partnership with one another) throughout the University will ultimately take on!! THANK YOU!

*Kathryn Winsted, Jennifer Talbot, Cathy Raynis-Meeker, Sophie Kaufman, Ohnma Kyaw, Keith Gorman, Katherine Torres, Marie Charles, Sheryl Scalzo, Heather Novak, Daniel Lenkowsky, Randi Priluck, Inita Mix, Zafir Buraei, Ross Christofferson, Rachel Simon, Erin Mysogland, Mark Weinstock, Meagan Mullen, Lisa Kraft, Shaquana Gadsden, Eileen Engelke, Richard Shadick, Maria Iacullo-Bird, Regina Robinson, Amy Greis, Shawn Livingston, Deborah Fain, Adelia Williams-Lubitz, Eileen Murphy, Robina Schepp, Shamita Dutta Gupta, Noreen McGuire, Emily Bent, Vincent Birkenmeyer, Cassandra Hyacinthe, Marc Potolsky and Rosa Ament were also nominated. Renee Brown-Cheng was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Nicole Harrow, iPace, New York City

Recognized by Myriam Lacrete-Sackes, Enrollment Management, New York City

As a staff and student trying to navigate my course load, Nicole made me feel confident by being accessible for any questions I had. She was proactive in giving me information that I would need in advance to hit my goals for my new major. She followed up with my change of major request and I was at ease because she made me feel that she was my advocate. She handled herself in a professional manner during our advisement appointment.