Choate House on the Pace Pleasantville campus

Monthly YES Recognition Winners

New York City - October

Kajal Tura, Office of Student Assistance, New York

>Recognized by Cynthia Remache, Financial Aid, New York:
Thank you for extending yourself to help others. Especially new employees. Your strength and charisma are a great contribution to the department. Keep it up!

Westchester - October

Natalie Panzera, Law School, Westchester*

Recognized by Rosemary Mulry, Human Resources, Westchester:
I’d like to give a huge shout-out to Sue Maxam and Natalie Panzera for yesterday’s kindness event. It was truly one of the most engaging events I’ve attended at Pace. The kindness, joy and enthusiasm could be felt throughout the hour. Thank you for spreading such an important message!

*Sue Maxam was also nominated. Natalie Panzera was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Yes I Make It Happen Monthly Nominees

All Employees recognized in the month of October 2022 (PDF)

Previous University–Wide Monthly YES Winners

September 2022

Sarah Delannoy, Jumpstart, New York*

Recognized by Allyson King, New Student Experience, Westchester:
Thank you for your participation in the Fall 2022 Welcome Table initiative. Your time and assistance helping our students staff and faculty is critical and is truly appreciated! Thank you again for your commitment to this student success initiative. Have a great semester!

*Victoria Akins, Brian Anderson, Maria Andrukhiv, Christopher Angiolino, Floralis Artiles, Nori Barnes, Rhea Benjamin, Christian Bester, Madia Bestman, Kristina Bilello, Michael Boller, Megan Brown, Stacey Butler, Chantel Cabrera, David Callahan, Joy Codilla, Andrew Coggins, Jane Collins, Michael Cordova, Alexa Dalbis, Maria De La Cruz, Nancy DeRiggi, Karen Desantis, Ana Donner Gonzalez, Jessica Drennan Stephanie Durgaprasad, Sarah Edgerton, Courtney Eisen, Steven Feyl, Kate Fink, Jemima Fortune, Kendra Free, Danielle Fusaro, Jean Gallagher, Beth Gordon, Grace Griffin, JC Hernandez, Heather Hilbrink, Janice Hilbrink, Sara Hukkanen, Rolando Ignace, Andie Ironside, Jessica Kiebler, Paula King, Paula Kramer, Gabriela Lester, Elizabeth Luckhoo, Philip Lupov, Alyson Mareschi, Sue Maxam, Jerry McKinstry, Ellen Morris, Traci Moyer, Meagan Mullen, Megan Mummey, Eileen Murphy, Khin Naing, Jill Olimpieri, Nicole Paronzini, Carmela Piccolo, Mickael Pollard, Marc Potolsky, Juliana Radanovich, Vanessa Ramkissoon, Eli Ratner, Kathi Reczek, Peter Riley, Shana Kay Robinson, Jennifer Rosenstein, Julie Saccoccio, Richard Shadick, Todd Smith-Bergollo, Mark Stephens, Morgan Theze, Alerie Tirsch, Sydney Tisch, Carol Turco, Joanna Verlezza, Julie Werkheiser, Kathryn Winsted, Jimmy Woods-Corwin and Ashley Wright were also nominated. Sarah Delannoy was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Megan Brown, Student Engagement, Westchester**

Recognized by Alerie Tirsch, Student Affairs, Westchester:
Opening was a very smooth process this year and that was in large part due to your participation. By volunteering for opening day, YOU helped create a warm and inviting atmosphere for our new students and their families. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving up part of your holiday weekend to help greet our new students!

**Victoria Akins, Rosa Ament, Nori Barnes, Jeff Barnett, Vincent Birkenmeyer, Dacier Casanova, Joy Codilla, Nancy DeRiggi, Kate Fink, Matthew Healing, Sara Hukkanen, Lew Janavey, Allyson King, Maria Lemus, Sue Maxam, Maude Meisel, Jonathan Merceus, Tricia Molfetta, Shawna Mott, Rosemary Mulry, Eileen Murphy, Victor Penaloza, Aolani Ramos, Cathy Raynis Meeker, Andrew Roger-Gordon, Brittany Shields, Rachel Simon, Claudia Stabile, Timothy Stanfield, Deborah Stromes, Jennifer Talbot, Nick Tucker, Joanna Verlezza, Ray White, Jr., and Wen Xi were also nominated. Megan Brown was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

August 2022

Tasfia Rahim, Center for Community Action & Research, New York City*

Recognized by Erin Mysogland, Center for Community Action & Research, New York City:
These students recently presented at a national conference on their work to support voter education at Pace. While these students are always dedicated employees, joining this group presentation effort during the summer showed a phenomenal amount of commitment to their student leadership roles at Pace and eagerness to seek out professional development opportunities. As always CCAR is so grateful to work with them!

* Marisa Medici was also nominated. Tasfia Rahim was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

James Davis, Career Services, Westchester**

Recognized by Kimberly Porter, Career Services, Westchester:
I just wanted to write a quick note of acknowledgement for the fantastic leadership and collegiality shown this week at the Career Services All Staff Retreat. While everyone actively participated contributed innovative ideas and made the day a success there are a few special people who put in additional time to make the day truly fruitful. Many thanks to Jim, Carmela, Mahindra and Jane for leading our Brainstorming/Call to Action teams. They facilitated these discussions in an engaging and productive manner which will help us move forward as a department. But of course, without the analytical contribution of Phyllis and Paula who chose the topics and the right probing questions we would never be able to bring the innovation and continuous improvement that we do. Many thanks to all.

**Carmela Piccolo, Mahindra Guman, Jane Schmidt, Phyllis Mooney and Paula King were also nominated. James Davis was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

July 2022

Roch Kelly, Development & Alumni Relations, New York City

Recognized by Craig Hyland, Development, New York City:
I want to thank Roch for always being a team player and I am especially thankful for his dedication and patience over the last two years as we migrated to a new database. He is a great colleague and Pace is lucky to have him.

Mariah Jusino, Office of the Registrar, Westchester

Recognized by Christopher Angiolino, Graduate Admissions, Westchester:
Mariah did an excellent job coordinating 90+ transcripts for current students in the Pace-Gilder Lehrman program to be sent to Gettysburg College. Mariah was very proactive in completing this task and provided frequent communication with the Office of Graduate Admission.

Also recognized by Victoria Guttinger, Student:
Mariah Jusino responded almost immediately to my email! She was very professional and kind. I was impressed with her prompt reply.

June 2022

Melanie Madera, Seidenberg School of CSIS, New York City

Recognized by Pauline Mosely, Seidenberg School of CSIS, Westchester:
Ms. Madera is an amazing person! Whenever I am in a crisis or need a signature at the last moment Ms. Madera is always willing to help and make it happen. She is the reason why I am able to accomplish so much and contribute so much to the school because she is reliable dependable and competent. Thank you Ms. Madera for doing your job with excellence and professionalism.

Lisa Dash-Grimes, Human Resources, Westchester/New York City

Recognized by Tiffany Hamilton, Office of the President, Westchester/New York City:
Lisa leaves no stone unturned in her support of the Division of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. There have been significant staffing and onboarding challenges that Lisa has stood at the ready to assist and support. She not only supports and directs, but she also guides with a focus and the necessary spice for you to learn. I am grateful to call her a colleague.

Recognized by Luciana Ziegler, Human Resources, Westchester:
Lisa has done a phenomenal job by presenting to an online international conference on a topic that is very current and necessary to talk about. She presented with passion humor and in-depth knowledge of the topic weaving in her work and personal experience which made the presentation relatable and engaging. Great job Lisa! We in ER loved it!

May 2022

Lilly Ramkishum, Centralized Advising, Lubin School of Business, New York

Recognized by Randi Priluck, Marketing, Lubin School of Business, New York:
Lilly has done a remarkable job in managing the advisement desk all year and being present for students and staff. She was responsible for making the Lubin Awards happen by staying on top of issues, handling gifts for students, ensuring all were recognized and handling all student issues. It is a pleasure to work with Lily and I thank her for all she does each and every day in Lubin.

David Snell, HelpDesk/ITS, Westchester*

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Asst Provost/Special Programs/Retention Intv, Provost/EVP Academic Affairs, New York & Westchester:
Thank you David, Annmarie, Donna, and all others who responded to the seemingly countless phone calls regarding Commencement over the past few months and especially over the past week! You were all such troopers!! I'm quite sure you were frustrated to the max not being able to answer so many of the questions being that this was our first year at USTA and everything seemed to change constantly (and we didn't know many of the answers)!!! I hope you know who much we ALL appreciate your stellar work and commitment to serving our students and their families especially during such a stressful time!!

*Annemarie Queale and Donna Schilio were also nominated. David Snell was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

April 2022

Anne Toomey, Environmental Studies, New York

Recognized by Erin Mysogland, Center for Community Action and Research, New York:
Dr. Toomey is always a phenomenal partner for student-facing programs. Yesterday she served as the faculty speaker at CCAR's End-of-Semester Ceremony generously sharing the exciting work she and her students did in her CE course in partnership with Sherman Creek Park. Dr. Toomey's presentation was informative accessible and celebratory, perfect for the event and for drawing students and faculty alike into reflections on the power of ethnically done civic engagement work. Thank you for your partnership, Dr. Toomey!

Recognized by Heather Novak, Center for Community Action and Research, Pleasantville:
The Center for Community Action and Research thanks you for your participation and leadership at our Environmentalism in Action event. Your time and expertise helped us illuminate pathways from awareness into action for our community. The students were empowered and the feedback was especially positive. Pace is lucky to have you.

Louis Guglielmo, Client Services/ITS, Westchester

Recognized by Jennifer Samuels, HR Information Systems, Westchester:
Louis is always available and happy to assist with all technical issues/questions. If he is not able to assist, he will ensure that you get to the correct department. He is very knowledgeable and resolves issues very quickly. Thank you, Louis.